Ferrari second in the E-pole of the AndaluciaGP

Ferrari second in the E-pole of the AndaluciaGP
Matteo Ferrari at the end of the E-Pole

Main changes on Saturday for the Trentino Gresini Team MotoE compared to last week: the first good news comes from the presence of Alessandro Zaccone, fourteenth at the end of today's E-pole; the second comes from the reigning champion Matteo Ferrari who achieve the second best time of the day and finishes just behind Aegerter.
However, this was not an easy Saturday: in Zaccone's garage there was a lot of work to recover the time lost last weekend and some physical problems, while regarding Ferrari, a set-up error in the FP3 could have compromised the day.
Now everything is ready for tomorrow's race starting at 10:05 (local time) with Ferrari from the front row and Zaccone from the fifth.

Alessandro Zaccone during the E-Pole

Matteo Ferrari
“I am ready for tomorrow because especially in yesterday's FP2 we did a great job in view of the race. Instead, this morning we made a mistake with the set-up and it was a difficult day. Achieveing the front row was very important and we did it, also considering a mistake in the last sector. We are fast and with good pace, now we have to prove it in the race. "

Alessandro Zaccone
“I knew it wasn't going to be a walk, we miss a weekend compared to the others and above all I had never tried the E-pole. I also made a mistake at turn six so it didn't go very well. We are looking for the best set-up and the knee is not at the top in fact I lose a lot in the third sector where there are two fast corners on the left and I struggle there. Let's not give up and try to make a good race tomorrow! ".

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