Circuit of Barcelona - Performance MotoE

The performance of the MotoE on the Barcelona Circuit

Team partner: LCR E-Team

Miquel Pons, winner of the Catalan GP of the MotoE 2021

The Barcelona circuit is 4657m long with six left-hand and eight right-hand corners and a final straight of 1047m. The MotoE was on this track for the first time in 2021. Thanks to the contribution of the LCR E-Team and its riders, we are able to show you the performance of the MotoE on this track. Below you can find the infographics of the track with speed and lean angle curve by curve.

The average speed of the best lap of the MotoE class at Barcelona is 151.8km/h. The maximum speed and lean angle data were obtained from the data of all the sessions carried out by MotoE on the Barcelona circuit and do not automatically coincide with the curve by curve data obtained from the best lap performed by the LCR E-Team riders.
Some of the following images were created using the graphic engine of the MotoGP21 videogame developed by Milestone.

Miquel Pons with the MotoE in Barcelona

The Barcelona circuit explained by Miquel Pons, LCR E-Team rider

“The lap starts with high-speed straight where the Energica arrives to 260 km/h. At the end of the straight there is a hard braking point to arrive at turn 1 on the right, connected with turn 2, on the left, where we have to pick up the throttle very early to get to turn 3 with good speed.
In this corner, it is crucial not to stop too much the bike and take the throttle early to turn the bike better, and it is important to focus on closing the lines as maximum as possible so as to not do many meters.
Turn 4 , is a corner that you enter sliding, both, when braking and in the exit because we go with a lot of banking and a lot of throttle and immediately we brake in turn 5 where we need to delay the entrance and turn with a lot of banking.”

“Turn 6 is completely full gas and then we arrive to turn 7 and 8, both connected in one chicane.It is very important to exit well from these two corners because they are on the rise. Turn 9 Is a dangerous point where one could touch the track limits on the exit because is a fast corner and we can’t see the end of the track. After this corner, there is a new turn 10, where we need to go inside on the entrance, outside in the middle and inside on the exit because we immediately get to turn 11, where we brake with banking and exit with a good throttle.
Turns 12 and 13 are very fast corners and the most exciting for me, in these two corners it is important to pass with high speed and arrive to the principal and long straight to finish your best lap time.”

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