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MotoE Performances

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On this page we have collected some data recorded by telemetry sensors during some events of the MotoE World Cup. These data are not normally disclosed by the teams; for this we thank Jorge Martinez's Openbank Aspar Team for supporting Epaddock and providing us with the information necessary to create this important section.
Among the various infographics we have created, one of the most important is certainly this comparison in acceleration on the straight of the Jerez circuit between MotoE, Moto2 and Moto3.

As you can see, the speed graphs start at about the same point, as the three bikes do the hairpin before the straight at roughly the same speed. In the first 50 meters, the acceleration of the three bikes is almost identical, but around 100km/h, the Moto3 begins to accelerate less than the other two. There MotoE instead it keeps its acceleration constant, which however is slightly lower than that of the Moto2. After 100 meters the Moto2 has already reached 150km/h while MotoE and Moto3 are respectively at 141km/h and 135km/h. At that point, the curve of the MotoE begins to flex, a sign that the acceleration of the bike begins to decrease while the acceleration of the Moto2 continues constant up to almost 180km/h. The acceleration phase lasts almost 500m, until the bikes reach the braking point for turn 1. At that moment the speed reached by the Moto3 is 212.1km/h, for the MotoE is 228km/h and for the Moto2 it is 249.2km/h.

Barcelona Circuit - (Spain)

Barcelona is the circuit where the MotoE recorded the highest maximum speed. This track features the longest straight in the championship, 1047m, at the end of which the MotoE exceeded the speed of 260km/h.

Spielberg Circuit - (Austria)

TT Circuit Assen - Assen (The Netherlands)

Bugatti Circuit - Le Mans (France)

Marco Simoncelli Circuit - Misano Adriatico (Italy)

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