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Polimi Nyx Technical Sheet

Polimi Nyx

The Nyx prototype in Aragon for MotoStudent 2021

The Polimi Motorcycle Factory (PMF) team was born in 2015 from an idea of ​​5 mechanical engineering students of the Politecnico di Milano to participate in the MotoStudent. In October 2016 the Team entered the competition for the first time, achieving good results. In 2018 the PMF became world champion in the Petrol category, with the Scighera prototype. Today the team is made up of about 90 members, organized in 6 different departments and the riders, coordinated by a tutor and the Sports Management. In 2021 the challenge doubled, with participation also in the Electric category with the prototype called Nyx. At MotoStudent 2021, the electrical division achieved excellent results, obtaining fifth place overall, the title of Best Industrial Project and winning first place in the acceleration test.

The team of the Politecnico di Milano, best Project Team of the 2021 edition of the MotoStudent in the electric category

Polimi Nyx - Performance and Specifications

Max speed: 220km/h
Power: 42kW
Torque (motor): N/A
Torque (at wheel): 400Nm
Weight: 140kg
Acceleration (0-100km/h): 3.85sec
Motor: permanent magnet synchronous (PMAC) max 8000rpm
Motor weight: N/A
Battery: lithium ion type
Battery capacity: 7.6kWh
Battery voltage: 125V
Battery weight: 55kg
Shift: No.
Cooling: by air fans
Chassis: trellis frame
Swingarm: trellins swingarm
Final transmission: chain
Fairings: carbon
Charging time: 2h