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Nicholas Spinelli also wins race 2 of the 2024 MotoE French GP

Nicholas Spinelli also wins Race 2 of the MotoE 2024 in France

MotoE returns on track in France, for the second round of the 2024 season. In the second of the two races on the Le Mans circuit, Nicholas Spinelli wins again, thus giving himself and the Tech3 E-Racing team a splendid one-two. Hector Garzò, author of the pole position, crashes again.

Nicholas Spinelli also wins race 2 of the 2024 MotoE French GP – This weekend, the MotoE 2024 French GP, the second round of the electric MotoGP category, will be held in Le Mans.
Hector Garzò (Dynavolt IntactGP) starts from pole position and immediately takes the lead of the group but Nicholas Spinelli (Tech3 E-Racing) wastes no time and takes the lead of the race at the first chicane. Mattia Casadei (LCR E-Team) quickly enters the gap left open by Garzò and thus moves into second position. Fourth is Oscar Gutierrez (Axxis-Msi), ahead of Alessandro Zaccone (Tech3 E-Racing). Kevin Zannoni (Openbank Aspar Team), author of an excellent race 1, is eighth while Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team) and Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE) are twelfth and thirteenth respectively.
In the first crossing of the finish line, Casadei leaves Spinelli's slipstrem, joins the Tech3 team rider and overtakes him in the fast turn that leads towards the first chicane. At the next chicane, in the braking for turn nine, it was Garzò's turn to overtake Spinelli but the Italian responded to the overtaking immediately and moved back behind the race leader. The leading group at this point is made up in order of Casadei, Spinelli, Garzò, Gutierrez and Zaccone. At this point one of the twists of the race occurs: Hector Garzò, who crashed in race 1, crashes again and has to retire for the second time in the day.

Nicholas Spinelli also wins Race 2 of the MotoE 2024 in France

The third lap has just begun and Spinelli decides to respond to the overtaking suffered by Casadei the previous lap. The Tech3 team rider responds to the championship leader with the same maneuver and takes the lead again. Behind the first four riders, we find a group made up of Miquel Pons, Eric Granado, Andrea Mantovani, Kevin Zannoni, Lukas Tulovic and Jordi Torres. During the third lap, Armando Pontone and Eric Granado crashed. It is the second fall for the Brazilian after the one in race 1 in Portimao.
Up front Spinelli and Casadei lap very fast and only Oscar Gutierrez, at his first experience at Le Mans, manages to keep the pace while Zaccone loses ground slightly. The Spaniard makes a small mistake with three laps to go but manages to get back under the leading duo to aim for something more than the third step of the podium. Meanwhile, Zannoni, having climbed up to seventh position, has to serve a long lap penalty for going outside the limits of the track. Torres took advantage of this to move to seventh position while Matteo Ferrari struggled in ninth position.
There are two laps to go in the race and Casadei is determined to take the victory; for a few laps the LCR team rider has been following Spinelli and studying his lines.

Mattia Casadei, leader of the MotoE 2024 after the French GP
Mattia Casadei, leader of the MotoE 2024 after the French GP

The last lap begins and Spinelli understands his opponent's intentions. In the first chicane he holds a perfect line and neutralizes Casadei's attack but at turn six he goes slightly wide and Casadei takes the lead of the race for a moment. After two corners, Spinelli is back in the lead with Casadei trying to pass at every point but the French team's rider closes all the lines well. The last chance for Casadei is in the double curve that leads to the finish line but Spinelli is tight and passes under the checkered flag first.
Race 2 ends with the second victory of the day for Nicholas Spinelli, ahead of Mattia Casadei and rookie Oscar Gutierrez. Following we find Zaccone, Mantovani, Tulovic, Pons, Ferrari, Zannoni and Finello to close the Top 10. Fall and retirement on the last lap for Jordi Torres.
With the one-two at Le Mans, Spinelli thus brings his tally in 2024 to three victories out of four and rises to second place in the standings, just two points behind Casadei. With their respective podiums of the day, Zannoni and Gutierrez rise respectively to third and fourth place in the overall classification, while Garzò, with the double zero, drops to fifth place.

The results of Race 2 of the 2024 MotoE French GP at Le Mans

POS. N. Nat. Rider Team Time Gap
1 29 flags_of_Italy.gif Nicholas Spinelli Tech3 E-Racing 13'28.043
2 40 flags_of_Italy.gif Mattia Casadei LCR E-Team 13'28.182 0,139
3 99 flags_of_Spain.gif Oscar Gutierrez Axxis-MSI 13'28.453 0,410
4 61 flags_of_Italy.gif Alessandro Zaccone Tech3 E-Racing 13'29.975 1,932
5 9 flags_of_Italy.gif Andrea Mantovani Klint Forward Factory Team 13'32.388 4,345
6 3 flags_of_Germany.gif Lukas Tulovic Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™ 13'32.971 4,928
7 77 flags_of_Spain.gif Miquel Pons Axxis-MSI 13'33.871 5,828
8 11 flags_of_Italy.gif Matteo Ferrari Felo Gresini MotoE™ 13'34.037 5,994
9 21 flags_of_Italy.gif Kevin Zannoni Openbank Aspar Team 13'35.269 7,226
10 72 flags_of_Italy.gif Alessio Finello Felo Gresini MotoE™ 13'37.130 9,087
11 34 flags_of_Italy.gif Kevin Manfredi Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse 13'37.947 9,904
12 7 flags_of_United-Kingdom.gif Chaz Davies Aruba Cloud MotoE™ Racing Team 13'38.394 10,351
13 55 flags_of_Italy.gif Massimo Roccoli Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse 13'38.556 10,513
14 6 flags_of_Spain.gif Maria Herrera Klint Forward Factory Team 13'46.856 18,813
15 81 flags_of_Spain.gif Jordi Torres Openbank Aspar Team nc 0,000
16 51 flags_of_Brazil.gif Eric Granado LCR E-Team nc 0,000
17 80 flags_of_Italy.gif Armando Pontone Aruba Cloud MotoE™ Racing Team nc 0,000
18 4 flags_of_Spain.gif Hector Garzo Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE™ nc 0,000

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