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Nova Electric Racing Technical Sheet

Nova Electric Racing

Nova Electric Racing is a student team of the D: DREAM project created by the Engineering University of Delft, in the Netherlands. DREAM is an acronym that stands for Dream Realization of Extremely Advanced Machines. Each year a new team of students begins the design of an electric racing motorcycle and has only one year to complete the project. This is fully accomplished by the students within the team as well as the financial management. At the end of the academic year, the team chooses which competition to compete in. The aim of the project is to demonstrate that it is not necessary to compromise on performance when racing with an electric vehicle. The project also aims to promote “green” races.

- Max speed: 220Km/h
- Potenza: 140kW
– Torque (Motor): 125Nm
- Torque (at wheel): 500Nm
- Weight :: 220kg
- Acceleration (0-100km/h): 3.0sec
- Charging time: 2h - 6h

- Motor: EMRAX from 4000rpm
- Battery: lithium ion type
- Battery capacity: 14.0kWh
- Battery voltage: 800V
- Battery weight: 90kg
- Shift: No
- Cooling: water for the inverter
- Chassis: steel tubes
- Final transmission: chain