ThunderVolt NK-ER Technical Sheet

ThunderVolt NK-ER

ThunderVolt is the brand created and wanted by Loris Reggiani, Giuseppe Sassi and Bruno Greppi. The first, Loris Reggiani, born in 1959, is a former world championship rider, former technical TV commentator and former constructor of Rosine (car with four Yamaha 1000 engines). Giuseppe Sassi is the same age as Reggiani, he is a manufacturer of minimoto and miniGP but also of engines for radio-controlled boats (SG Racing) and more generally mechanic of all types of vehicles equipped with engines. Bruno Greppi, a year younger, has a history as a mechanic and rally car preparer, he founded the Braking company and since 2007 he is completely involved in the design and construction of electric vehicles to fly, sail and race on the road.

The design and construction of the NK-E took about two years of study and testing: a couple of prototypes were made, modifications and subsequent improvements were made, up to the final configuration based on a naked with 12 " wheels. The technical details are of a racing prototype, such as the single-sided swingarm, the tube trellis frame, the engine installed on the aluminium alloy spoked rear rim hub. As in the best racing bikes is available
a software to vary the curves of the motor brake, acceleration and maximum speed. The battery is lithium polymer based with 72V voltage and in the NK-E versionR, it delivers 50Ah from the start to the end of the charge, giving the chance to ride for about 25 minutes on the track. At the end of the round, the battery can be easily replaced in a couple of minutes.

The performance and technical characteristics of the ThunderVolt NK-ER are shown below.

- Full speed: 105Km/h
- Power: 6kW (13kW peak)
- Wheel torque: > 185Nm
- Acceleration (0-100km/h): N/A
- Runtime: 25 on track
- Charging time: 75 minutes (30 seconds with battery swap)

- Motor: electric brushless installed on the rear wheel
- Battery: lithium ion type
- Battery capacity: N/A
- Battery voltage: 72V
- Battery weight: N/A
- Shift: No
- Cooling: air cooling for the inverter
- Chassis: steel tubes
- Weight: 85kg
- Wheelbase: 1120 mm
- Length: 1580 mm
- Width: 800 mm