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Epaddock and charging system

Epaddock and charging system

The Epaddock is the area of ​​the MotoGP paddock reserved for hosting the teams participating in the MotoE World Cup. The Epaddock is divided into two parts: the first includes the actual boxes, is made up of a demountable structure made by the Spanish company AMG and houses the bikes and equipment of the teams and offices. The second is an area where the battery charging systems are installed, two for each container, and on which the photovoltaic panels supplied by EnelX, the Italian company that has the role of official Smart Charging Partner of the championship, are installed.

EnelX JuicePump Racing Edition charging stations for the MotoE World Cup

As of 2021, the charging system used in the MotoE World Cup is the JuiceRoll Race Edition; this system, capable of recharging a motorcycle in about 40 minutes, is characterized by an internal battery and two interconnectable units, the Semi-Mobile Unit (SMU) and the Mobile Unit (MU).
The SMU, located in the charging area of the MotoE paddock, is a semi-mobile unit with a 50 kW kW DC output, an AC input from the grid of up to 22 kW and a 51 kWh embedded storage system. Additional energy can be secured through sixty 3Sun bifacial solar panels, for a total installed capacity of 21 kWp, mounted in the charging area. Thanks to this overall system, encompassing storage alongside photovoltaics, the power input requested from the grid during charging is limited to 4-5 kW under normal operating conditions.

The MotoE during charging

The MU is a moveable 10 kW DC charger, powered by the SMU and equipped with a 6 kWh embedded storage system that enables the unit to top up the bikes while in the pit lane and starting grid. Specifically, the MU enables a seven-minute final charge on the starting grid, allowing the bikes to cover a greater distance than in previous seasons.
During the charging session in the paddock, the JuiceRoll Race Edition can supply the bikes up to 1 MW distributed over 20 chargers, requiring only 100 kW from the solar panels and the grid under normal operating conditions, thanks to the storage system integrated in the chargers. If necessary, the batteries allow the chargers to work without connection to the external network, as they are able to compensate for any power drops or blackouts and continue to charge the motorcycles in a safe and autonomous way.

Other new, distinctive features of the JuiceRoll Race Edition include:
- The MU can power electric tyre warmers while in the MotoE paddock, pit lane and starting grid as well as during transfers between these areas, as keeping tyres warm is key for optimal bike performance
- The overall system is remotely monitored and controlled, managing power loads in order to optimise electricity supply from the grid
The JuiceRoll Race Edition replaces the JuicePump 50 used in the first and second seasons of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup.

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