First points for the Tech3 E-Racing team in the Home GP

First points for the Tech3 E-Racing team in the Home GP
Lukas Tulovic (Tech3 E-Racing) riding in Le Mans

After the horrible race in Jerez, the Tech3 E-Racing team was expected to redeem itself in the home race at the French circuit of Le Mans. After the crazy qualifying session on Saturday, Lukas Tulovic managed to have a very good race in the leading group. The German rider started from twelfth on the grid and immediately recovered three positions in the first lap. On the third lap Tulovic was in third position, behind the duo formed by Aegerter and Zaccone. Unfortunately on the last lap, he lost his position on the podium, finishing seventh, just 1.045 seconds behind the winner.
His teammate, Corentin Perolari started from sixteenth position and after the first lap he had already reached the twelfth position. At the end of the seven-lap race of the MotoE, the French rider crossed the line in ninth position, taking home his first points in the World Cup.

Lukas Tulovic
“After an amazing start to the weekend on Friday, we showed again in the race today, that we have the speed to fight for the podium. Only the starting position was very difficult and dangerous for the first laps. There have been some crashes, but this time I could take profit of it and go in front to third position. Then I was behind Zaccone and Aegerter, feeling really good on the bike.
In the middle of the corner, I was super strong, but it was so difficult to pass them and in the last lap, it was just bad luck. Granado went to the inside of Aegerter, we both had to go wide and I lost three positions. I tried to overtake Torres back, had to close the throttle again and that was the end of the race. I’m disappointed to end the race in seventh after having really good speed here in Le Mans, but we will analyze everything and come back stronger in Barcelona."

Lukas Tulovic with the MotoE of the Tech3 E-Racing team

Corentin Perolari
“I’m very happy, because in my first race in Jerez I crashed, which was a disaster. In Le Mans, I felt good from the beginning and I could finish the race, which was the big goal this weekend. I’m very satisfied also to finish inside the top 9 and happy that I could give back something to my team, which was working really hard all the time."

Corentin Perolari (Tech3 E-Racing)

Hervé Poncharal (Team Principal)
“That was a quite positive weekend for Tech3 E-Racing after the big disappointment for round one in Jerez with our two riders in the gravel. It was good to see both of our guys finishing the race here. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed, because Lukas had some great first three laps. He managed to hold on a strong third and he was looking quicker than the two guys ahead of him and I was expecting him to make a move.
Unfortunately, he was a bit slowed down and it ended up in a kind of a mess in the last lap. There was a group of seven within less than a second and unfortunately, we finished at the back of that front group, which is seventh, a second to the winner, which I think is not well payed off for Lukas’ weekend and for his speed. But this is what it is, so let’s be positive, we got our first points. We know Lukas is fast and we really hope the podium is going to come."

“Corentin did for sure a much better weekend. I think Jerez was a bit difficult for him and he managed to understand the MotoE riding style a lot better, ended up ninth, which was the target, finishing in the top 10 and see the chequered flag.
In the end, it was not, what we expected, but good team effort. We are very close and let’s hope the next round in Montmeló we will be able to really fight for a podium and have a podium finish."

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