Le Mans Circuit - Performance MotoE

The performance of the MotoE on the Le Mans circuit

Team partner: Tech3 E-Racing

Lukas Tulovic, Tech3 E-Racing team

The circuit of Le Mans is 4185m long with five left-hand and nine right-hand corners and a final straight of 674m. The MotoE was on this track for the first time in October 2020. Thanks to the partnership with the Tech3 E-Racing team and its riders we are able to show you the performance of the MotoE on this track. Below you can find the infographics of the track with speed and lean angle curve by curve.

The average speed of the fastest lap of the MotoE class at Le Mans is 145.2km/h. The maximum speed and lean angle data were obtained from the data of all the sessions of the MotoE on the Le Mans circuit and do not automatically coincide with the curve-by-curve data obtained from the best lap performed by the Tech3 E-Racing team riders.
Some of the following images were created using the graphic engine of the MotoGP20 videogame developed by Milestone.

Lukas Tulovic at Le Mans

The circuit of Le Mans explained by Lukas Tulovic, Tech3 E-Racing team rider

“The lap starts with Turn 1, a high-speed corner connected to Turn 2, which is also fast.
We have to carefully focus on the right line because, after them, there is one of the most important points of the track: the hard braking into Curves 3 and 4. It is a dangerous point, and we have to be careful; in the first lap last year, we had many crashes.
It is crucial to exit well from the first corner to have a good line to make a fast change of direction which in MotoE is not as easy as, for example, in Moto2 because of the weight. For this, we use the opening and closure of the throttle to raise the bike faster and put it back in the right lean angle on the opposite side."

“At the exit of Turn 4, it’s important to focus on having a perfect line; it’s important to open the throttle quickly, but at the same time, you have to be very careful because the motor has high instant torque, but the lean angle is still quite high.
Turn 5 is done at full throttle down to the braking point of Turn 6. The braking point is also downhill, but it is not critical because if you go wide a little bit at this corner, there is enough space to recover the line, hit the apex and have a good exit speed. Turn 6 is not very slow, and the torque is well manageable even it is a little uphill; it is a nice corner with MotoE."

“Turn 7 it’s quite a difficult corner for me because it is opening up a lot in the corner exit, and it is not easy to find the correct line. It is also the corner with the highest lean angle of the track. After the apex, it’s really nice opening the throttle with the bike that goes wide wide wide to the corner exit; you build up a lot of speed there before one of the hardest braking of the track at Turn 8.
This is a double right slow corner where the opening of the throttle is very critical because we have a lot of instant torque, but at the same time, the lean angle is still high. You enter the first one, go wide, open the throttle, and come back to the inside for the second part, where the track goes a little bit down and then the exit where you have to open the throttle perfectly before the long straight. If you ride well at this point, you can earn a lot of time."

“Then we enter in the chicane made by Corners 9 and 10. It is hard braking, but you don’t have to slow the bike too much because it is a very fast chicane; you would not imagine it from the TV.
We enter into Turn 9 while braking, put the bike at the full lean angle, open the throttle, raise the bike, change direction with the throttle, and then enter into Turn 10 with full throttle.
After Turn 10 there is a short straight before these two fast corners, which form a quick chicane. In the first, the 11, we reach a very high lean angle because of the track's banking. After the apex, we fully open the throttle before Turn 12. Here the weight is manageable because the change of direction is not as sudden as between Corner 9 and 10."


“The exit of Turn 12 is very important, especially in the race, because it leads to the braking point of Turn 13 which is the last change to overtaking. This corner is tricky, and we have to pay attention to the exit because we use the kerb between Corner 13 and Corner 14, and we need to be careful because of the bike's weight.
The last point is the exit of Corner 14, which is extremely important because it leads to the main straight. Here you have to properly manage the throttle because the lean angel is still high, but the motor has high instant torque."

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