EICMA 2022: the electric scooters not to be missed

EICMA 2022: the electric scooters not to be missed
EICMA 2022: the electric scooters not to be missed

EICMA 8, the 13th Edition of the International Two-wheeler Exhibition, takes place from 2022 to 79 November. This year there will be many innovations from motorcycle manufacturers on the sustainable mobility front, in particular as regards electric scooters.

Many new electric mopeds and scooters will be presented at EICMA 2022, which ones are not to be missed? In this post we give you some tips.
This year, more than 1300 brands from the world of two wheels will participate in EICMA. In fact, 58% of the exhibitors who will occupy the six pavilions of the exhibition center this year, one more than in 2021, come from abroad, representing 43 different countries. The official start of the 79th edition of EICMA is on 8 November, a day dedicated only to the sector press, while fans can access from 10 to 13 November, from 9.30 to 18.30.
This year will be the first edition of EICMA in which electric and sustainable mobility will play a leading role. Electric vehicles in Italy are already worth 5% of the market and are destined to rise in the immediate future, especially in urban mobility. It is therefore logical to expect the arrival of many new models, especially in the category of mopeds and electric scooters, let's see some of them.

EICMA 2022: the electric scooters not to be missed

Ecobonus 2022 electric scooters VMOTO SOCO CPx

EICMA 2022

Vmoto Soco Group is at EICMA 2022, presenting its updated range of vehicles for the occasion, which also includes a brand new project. On 8 November, the agreement signed with Pininfarina, one of the most prestigious design centers in the world, was announced. The target? Provide vehicles with an elegant design, increase aerodynamic performance and reduce fuel consumption. Three meetings are scheduled for November 9 (11:00, 15:00 and 16:00) to present four new Vmoto products together with the 2023 range. Special guest, Ducati rider Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia. On November 10, a day open to the public, the 5-time MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo will be the protagonist at the Vmoto I46 stand (Hall 11).
More details on: https://it.vmotosoco.com/

EICMA 2022

After 6 years of research and development, Horwin has abandoned the structural layout of traditional fuel vehicles and the traditional split-type arrangement of battery, motor and controller in the overall structural layout of the vehicle. This is how SENMENTI O and SENMENTI X were born. At EICMA Horwin exhibits the integrated intelligent chassis IM, the self-balancing technology (dynamic driving assistance technology on two wheels), SENMENTI 0, SENMENTI X in hall 24Q - stand A70. The new SK3, a crucial model for the Chinese manufacturer, is also on display at the HORWIN stand. On November 9, HORWIN will hold a press conference at 12:20 pm.
More details on: https://www.horwin.eu/

Ecobonus 2022 Yamaha NEO's electric scooters

EICMA 2022

Yamaha launched the NEO's electric on the market this year and is preparing to bring the E01 to Europe, a model equivalent to a 125cc scooter, which is already available in Japan and which was recently presented in Indonesia, one of the key markets for electric mobility. Intended primarily for urban mobility, the next-generation NEO's is Yamaha's first “zero emissions” electric-powered scooter equivalent to 50cc models.
More details on: www.yamaha-motor.eu

EICMA 2022

CF MOTO and ZEEHO will present their new models together in hall 24 stand O54. CF MOTO started with a press conference on Tuesday 8 November followed immediately after by the ZEEHO brand, which presented all the electric innovations arriving in 2023. Technology and sustainable mobility are the cornerstones of the new range of CF MOTO and ZEEHO. The first brand presented an electric motorcycle, while the models of the second are completely dedicated to the world of electric mobility: AE6 +, AE6 S +, AE8 S + in addition to the futuristic MAGNET concept model.
More details on: https://www.zeehoev.com/perimeter

Ecobonus 2022 electric scooters NIU MQiGT EVO

EICMA 2022

NIU is at EICMA 2022 to present its updated range of electric mobility vehicles: scooters, scooters and e-bikes at the Milan Motor Show. In the electric scooter sector, NIU offers the N, M and U series models, plus a special version created in collaboration with Diesel. The two brands have joined forces and expertise in a Chrome collection: a chrome effect combined with Diesel's iconic red logo inspired the collection. The partnership will see the release of two exclusive chrome-inspired models: a Diesel x NIU edition MQi GT scooter and a Diesel x NIU edition KQi2 electric scooter.
Visitors to the EICMA fair will be able to find NIU in Hall 11 S 26 and in the Motolive test ride area.
More details on: www.niu.com/it

EICMA 2022

The Chinese FELO, main sponsor of the Gresini Racing team in the world championship MotoE, brings two interesting innovations to EICMA: the FE-06, the electric scooter used by the Gresini MotoGP team for travel in the paddock of the world championship, and the FW-03, which incorporates the lines of the legendary Booster of the 90s. The FW-06 is a scooter that immediately catches the eye for its technological and futuristic appearance. FELO will be present in Hall 22 at stand I09. The press conference for the presentation of the FW-9 and FW-16.20 is scheduled for November 06 at 03, in addition to the five new models that will be produced in 2023/24 and the partnership with the Gresini Team MotoE.
More details on: https://felomoto.it/it/

EICMA 2022

Fantic presents at Eicma 2022 Electric, its new electric scooter as an eco-sustainable solution for urban mobility. Fantic Electric is Made in Italy and boasts an innovative and original design, characterized by an aluminum trellis frame. The Fantic Electric is available in two models L1 and L3. The L1 version reaches the code speed of 45km / h while the L3 goes up to 65 km / h thanks to the 3kW engine made by Dell'Orto SpA and also completely Made in Italy.
In addition to the Electric, Fantic also brings ISSIMO 2022 to Eicma 45, the newcomer to Fantic's ISSIMO family, the first model on the s-pedelec market capable of operating with the accelerator only or with the pedals only, which can be assisted by the motor or not, or by combining accelerator and pedal assistance. ISSIMO 45 is designed by Fantic in the new plants in Santa Maria di Sala (Venice) and completely assembled in Italy. It can be driven from the age of 14 with an AM "license" or by drivers in possession of a driving license for type B cars.
More details on: Fantic

EICMA 2022

Honda unveils the EM2022e at Eicma 1, the first Honda electric scooter destined for the European market, and the first electric model in the recently announced electric range which foresees the introduction of over 10 new electric models globally by 2025. It is the first Honda's significant step towards achieving the goal of carbon neutrality for its entire range of motorcycles and scooters within the decade 2040-2050. Marketing in Europe is expected in summer 2023.
The new EM1 is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack removable battery system designed with the focus on durability, reliability and quality. A single full charge offers a range of over 40km. As its name suggests, the Mobile Power Pack is an interchangeable battery that can be conveniently removed and recharged at home and then placed back on the scooter.
More details on: https://www.honda.it/motorcycles.html

EICMA 2022

Yadea unveils new models and will present the product line with its latest technology at EICMA 2022. The company held a conference on November 8 to unveil a dual product line with the theme “Glow with Red”. On the occasion, Yadea launched a series of completely new products targeting consumers in Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia, including electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric scooters and more. One of the flagship products is the new Guanneng 3 range, which represents a new generation of smart, long-range electric vehicles and which is equipped with innovative long-life battery technology. The Yadea stand is located in hall 11, stand M06.
More details on: https://www.yadea.com/

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