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Maria Herrera undergoes successful arm pump surgery

Maria Herrera (Openbank Aspar Team)

Successful surgery operation for the Spanish rider of the Openbank Aspar Team to solve the arm pump in her right forearm.

Arm pump it’s the most common issue faced by many modern motorcycle racers. Anyone can develop the condition, but it's more common in riders and athletes who participate in activities that involve repetitive impacts.
During physical training, the muscles increase in volume but not so much the tissue that encloses them, the fascia. For MotoGP riders of all classes, the forearms are very stressed during a race or practice session, but especially when braking. Arm pumping occurs when the fascia does not expand with the muscle, causing severe pressure and intense pain, as happened to Maria Herrera in the Spanish GP from mid-race onwards.

In addition to Maria Herrera, 2021 has also seen MotoGP riders Jack Miller, Fabio Quartararo and Iker Lecuona go under surgery for the same issue.
Maria Herrera's operation went off without a hitch and the Spanish rider from the Openbank Aspar team expects to be at the start of the next MotoE race at the Le Mans circuit for the French GP on May 16th.

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