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Dynavolt Intact GP: the report of the MotoE 2023 test in Jerez

MotoE Test Jerez 2023 - Randy Krummenacher with the new Ducati V21L of the Dynavolt Intact GP team (photo MotoE)

The Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE team, with its riders Randy Krummenacher and Hector Garzo, concluded the first official test with the Ducati MotoE at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. Good results, despite changeable weather conditions.

After winning the title of MotoE last year with Dominique Aegerter, for the Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE time the time has come to test the new Ducati V21L in the first official sessions of 2023 in Jerez de la Frontera.
Due to the non-optimal weather during the three days of testing in Spain, the duo from the German team didn't participate in all the training sessions. Swiss Randy Krummenacher was fifth on day one and two and finished first on the final day of testing. His team-mate, the Spaniard Hector Garzò, set the sixth fastest time on Monday, ninth on Tuesday and eighth on Wednesday.
Although lap times don't play a significant role in testing, 0,471-year-old Krummenacher finished the final day of testing just 0,642 seconds behind Eric Granado, while Garzò's gap of was XNUMX seconds.
The first contact with the Ducati V21L was positive for both riders, underlining the ease of riding of the new bike.

MotoE Jerez Test 2023 - Hector Garzò with the new one Ducati V21L from the Dynavolt Intact GP team
MotoE Test Jerez 2023 - Hector Garzò with the new Ducati V21L of the Dynavolt Intact GP team (photo MotoE)

Below are the combined times of the three days of MotoE 2023 test in Jerez:

1. Eric GRANADO (LCR E-TEAM) – 1:47.053
2. Matteo FERRARI (FELO GRESINI MotoE) – 1:47.310 (+0.257)
3. Nicholas SPINELLI (PONS RACING 40) – 1:47.478 (+0.425)
4. Mattia CASADEI (PONS RACING 40) – 1:47.504 (+0.451)
5. Randy KRUMMENACHER(DYNAVOLT INTACT GP MotoE) – 1:47.524 (+0.471)
9. Hector GARZO(DYNAVOLT INTACT GP MotoE) – 1:47.695 (+0.642)

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Randy Krummenacher (Dynavolt Intact GP)
“In this first test, I focused on adjusting the rear to be stronger coming out of corners. Fortunately, even in the rain, we managed to understand what we need to change on the bike to be better in the dry as well. Even though we didn't have the best set-up in the last session because of the slick tyres, I was able to improve again. I am really satisfied with that.
During these three days, we have come to a better and better understanding of what exactly I need and today everything worked perfectly. Of course, we have to keep working and we don't have time to rest. But all in all, it was a positive test and I think we were even able to put some pressure on the others. The level is high and I didn't expect to set the best times right away, but my goal is always to do the best I can and I think even if the others know the e-bikes a bit better, I can score with my experience and motivation. I feel free and relaxed, I can concentrate fully on the work, I also know that I have a very good team behind me, which also trusts in me and gives me a good feeling.
Ducati has done a great job with the bike, as far as I can tell, because the bike is easy to ride, and everything we have tried to do so far has worked according to our expectations. I basically felt, from the first lap, that this is my bike. Ergonomically, everything suits me and it's just a lot of fun to ride. When everything is going smoothly, you can solely think about pushing. The Michelin tyres also convinced me straight away and I'm looking forward to being able to continue working on the next tests.”

Hector Garzò, in 2023 with the Dynavolt Intact GP team (photo MotoE)

Hector Garzo (Dynavolt Intact GP)
“The new bike feels good and better than the old one regarding the braking points and also when it comes to the lean angle and agility. There is not too much to say about the test itself because the weather didn’t play in our favor. Still, we did a lot of laps in the rain but that's obviously not ideal to improve the bike and what we had hoped for as we couldn’t quite push the bike to the limit.
Yet we are going home with good information and the knowledge of what we can improve for the Barcelona Test. We used the time for the adaptation with the bike as well as the team and got back into racing mode after the winter break. After three days I am happy with the first few results, even if I’ve missed two or three-tenths yesterday in order to improve my fastest lap. I can’t wait to keep working, keep improving and soon start the season. The conditions of the track weren’t perfect and we didn’t risk too much at this point but I am happy with the work done and having met the team and the bike."

The next test of the MotoE will take place at the Barcelona circuit in a month's time, from 3 to 5 April.

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