A look at the MotoE World Cup 2020

A look at the MotoE World Cup 2020

On the occasion of the Valencia GP we met Nicolas Goubert, the Executive Director of the MotoE. In his words there is the balance of this first year of racing and the preview of the next.

Nicolas Goubert, Executive Director of the MotoE World Cup

"The start of the World Cup has been very difficult because of the Jerez fire (here the story), but, let’s say from July on, everything proceeded in the right way. Our main target for the first edition of the cup has been achieved: we demonstrated that the MotoE is a real racing class and that it is a great and interesting show. The riders have produced very animated races and we have shown that electric races are an entertainment like the petrol bike races. That was a key point for us at the start of the season."

Smith, Granado and Garzò fighting for the victory on the Valencia track

“During the season we did not have major changes, nevertheless, race by race we changed the schedule of the sessions in the weekend, in particular in Austria we added the FP3 on the Saturday morning; this was requested by the rider to have an additional session the same day of the Epole. This is now the consolidated schedule that we will use in 2020: two free practice sessions on Friday, one on Saturday morning with the Epole in the afternoon, and the race on Sunday, before the Moto3 race. An exception will be the Misano weekend where we will have two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. "

Niki Tuuli, the winner of the first race of the season at the Sachsenring

"In the next year we decided to replace the Sachsenring circuit with Assen. This year we realized that the Sachsenring round was very difficult from logistic point of view, for the layout of the paddock. In addition, the Netherland is a very important market for the electric mobility." (Here is the calendar of the MotoE World Cup 2020)
"The World Cup will start on May 3 in Jerez de la Fronteira, but before that, on the same track, two test sessions will take place, one in March from 10th to 12th and one in April from 8th to 10th. For the first test we already have a work schedule that will cover the new rear tyre and front suspension."

The Michelin rear tyre at the end of one of the races in Valencia

"The actual tyre is good but the riders said that it moves in the corner-exit phase so the new one will be more controllable. From the front we do not expect to change it as it performed very well over the season."(Here all the details of the 2019 tyres)
"Regarding the suspensions, this year we fixed many things and the team were able to do few changes to the suspensions, mainly the oil level and the spring hardness. On the next year we want to give them more options, for sure we will introduce the damping adjustment of the front fork. At the same time there will be some bike evolutions: Energica is working to providing more torque available at low speed which is high but next year will be higher."

An Ego Corsa charging in "DC fast mode"

“Regarding the race duration, on the next year we will have one more lap because of the portable rechargers. This new device will allow to recharge the battery on the grid after the sighting lap, which this year was not possible. At the same time, the fixed charging stations will also evolve (here the description of the second generation charging stations). We will reach about 8 laps, that is a 15 minute race that for us is the right duration. We want the riders to have a single strategy: ride as fast as you can for the entire race. We are happy that the people are asking for more laps, it means that they like this show! However, when the battery technology will evolve, we will not improve the number of laps but we will make the bike lighter."