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The tires of the MotoE World Cup

The tires of the MotoE World Cup

Michelin tires MotoE World Cup
The tyres of the MotoE are supplied by Michelin

The tyres for the FIM ENEL MotoE World Cups are provided by Michelin, as for MotoGP. The French company has defined a front tyre from 3,75 × 17 inches while the rear is from 6 × 17 inches. The compound is fixed for each race while it changes from circuit to circuit. Regarding the number of tyres, each rider is supplied with 9 dry (4 front and 5 rear) and 7 wet (3 front and 4 rear). The tyres are mounted on seven-spoke aluminum rims supplied by Marchesini.

Michelin tires MotoE World Cup
The Michelin Slick MotoE tyres

The organization wanted to make life easy for teams; with only one type of slick compound for each race, riders don't have to choose between different options. As for the slick tyre, the front is derived from the experience in MotoGP, because it has to withstand a lot of stress and load. The weight of the MotoE is 247kg of which 137kg on the front and 110kg on the rear. The latter has exactly the profile adopted for the MotoGP rear tyre and guarantees rapid warm-up and excellent grip for 9-10 lap sprint races.
Like last year, the rear tire is asymmetrical to further improve the rubber warm-up, a critical element for the sprint races of the MotoE.
The wet tyres are derived from MotoGP, have a lot of grip and are very rigid. The riders who tested them in the first tests in Jerez where the track was wet, were surprised at how much the feeling of riding with these tyres was similar to that in the dry conditions.

The Tires Michelin is preferably used for MotoE World Cup

For the production of the MotoE tyres, a wide variety of bio-sourced and recycled materials are used, including: orange and lemon peel, pine resin, sunflower oil, hevea sap, worn truck and car tyres, scrap steel.
The percentage of eco-sustainable materials used to make the rear tyres has already reached 46%, while for the front tyres it is 33%.
With the current percentages, 4,6 tonnes of bio-based and recycled materials will end up in MotoE tyres in the course of 2022. In particular, the increase in the proportion of sustainable materials used to make 2022 MotoE tyres was achieved thanks to the incorporation of carbon black recovered from end-of-life tyres thanks to the “Enviro” process.

The organization did not leave anything to chance: also for the heating blankets the focus was on the energy saving. The selected technical partner is the Italian Capit which supplies two product models to support the Michelin tires: the TNT 85°C blanket and the TNT 50°C Rain, suitable in case of rain.

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