What happened to the calendar of the MotoE 2022?

What happened to the calendar of the MotoE 2022?

The MotoGP calendar, albeit provisional, has already been released for more than a month. The calendar of the MotoE was expected after a few days, but this did not happen; why?

The reason lies in the riders. MotoE is a competition with few rounds and fewer races than the other MotoGP classes, so many riders try to combine it with another competition: some participate in the national championships (for example, CIV, CEV or ESBK), the Supersport world championship, or the Endurance one (EWC).
The point is that in the regulation of the MotoE, there is a clause: if a rider has two overlapping commitments, he must respect the commitment in MotoE. That means that if a rider were to have two races from two different championships in the same weekend, for example, in MotoE and in the Endurance World Championship, he would have to renounce the Endurance race by contract.
For this reason, in 2021, Niccolò Canepa, Xavier Simeon, Mike Di Meglio and Josh Hook left the MotoE because the San Marino GP was scheduled for the same weekend as the Bol d'Or of the EWC championship.

Another point is that the MotoE needs strong and possibly well-known riders to give even more prominence to the category. So, one of Dorna's goals is to make sure that there is no overlap between MotoE and other championships to prevent the possibility of having high-level riders. Unfortunately, the road to the World Endurance riders seems to be already closed because it was announced that the 24h of Spa Francorchamps would coincide with the Catalan GP in Barcelona. MotoE raced for the first time in Barcelona last year, and it was a great race, where the Energica Ego Corsa recorded its maximum speed of 263 km/h; it’s difficult to think that Dorna wants to give up this circuit for the MotoE World Cup.
The second path is the one that leads to the Supersport World Championship (WSSP). Dominique Aegerter raced both the WSSP and the MotoE in 2021; he won the first and almost the second. The Swiss rider has already signed for 2022 with the Ten Kate Racing team to defend the Supersport world title and has declared that in the event of overlap between the two championships, he will give up the MotoE.

It is difficult to think that Dorna could deprive itself of one of the strongest and most spectacular riders of MotoE, who fought for the title victory in both 2020 and 2021 and who remains one of the favourites for 2022. Furthermore, after what Aegerter did last year, it is not excluded that some other WSSP riders may consider taking part in MotoE next year.
This second road must remain open, and that is why the calendar of the MotoE has not yet been published. Therefore, before defining where the fourteen races of the MotoE 2021 will be, it is necessary to know what the WSBK calendar will be, which, at the moment, has not yet been published. Only with the calendar in hand will the team managers be able to decide which riders to hire for the 2021 season of the MotoGP electric class.

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