The Top 5 of electric scooters in February 2022 / NIU N Series

The Top 5 of electric scooters in February 2022 / NIU N Series

Growth in electricity remains strong, with 878 vehicles on the market in the second month of the year, marking an increase of 32% compared to February 2021. The performance of the first two months is even more vigorous, with growth of 68,1% and 1.939 registered vehicles. In 2022, electric scooters can be purchased by taking advantage of eco-incentives.

Here is the Top 5 of mopeds registered in February 2022:
1 - NIU Series N
3 - SUR-RON Light Bee
4 - LIFAN E4
5 - NIU M Series

NIU NQi Sports

The NIU NQi Sport is an agile and dynamic scooter, designed for urban mobility with three adjustable driving modes (Sport, Dynamic and E-Save). In the rear wheel hub it has integrated a 1.8 kW electric motor for a maximum speed of 45 km / h which places it in the category of electric scooters equivalent to a 50cc. This scooter is equipped with a removable 1.56 kWh or 2.1 kWh battery which guarantees a maximum range of 50 or 70 km. The overall charging time varies from 7 to 9 depending on the type of battery. The batteries can be removed from the scooter for remote charging.
Thanks to the Ecobonus 2022, the NQi Sport can be purchased with scrapping at the price of 1.747 euros for the 50 km version while the 70 km version costs 2.217 euros.
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