The first test of the MotoE World Cup 2020

The first test of the MotoE World Cup 2020

The first test of the MotoE World Cup 2020 is scheduled in Jerez de la Fronteira from 10 to 12 March; these are the main news that await us for the second edition of the electric class of MotoGP.
Starting from the line-up, compared to last year, one rider out of three has changed; the team managers have chosen younger riders, lowering the average age of the category by two years. There are no longer: De Puniet, Foray, Terol, Garzò, Savadori, Gibernau and Raffin and in their place we find Zaccone, Marcon, Aegerter, Torres, Medina, Cardelus and Tulovic. (here the line-up of the MotoE 2020)

Smith, Granado and Garzò fighting for the victory on the Valencia track

The calendar includes seven races on five European circuits. The first round is on May 3 on the Spanish track in Jerez and following: Assen (Netherlands), Spielberg (Austria), Misano (San Marino) and Valencia (Spain). On these last two circuits there will be two races, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The dates are the same as the races of the other classes of the World Championship. (here the complete calendar)
Two test sessions are scheduled before then, one from 10 to 12 March and one from 8 to 10 April, both at the Angel Nieto circuit in Jerez.

Nicolas Goubert, Executive Director of the MotoE World Cup

Nicola Goubert, the Executive Director of the MotoE World Cup, explained that for the first test a schedule of work has been defined that will cover the new components of the bike, the procedures and the charging systems. In each of the three days of testing there will be three free practice sessions. The main components that will be tested are: a new engine set up to get more torque at low speed, a new rear tyre and different front suspension set up options. In addition to the bike, the news will also concern the charging systems: in the paddock there will be second generation charging stations and mobile rechargers to use on the starting grid. The first part of the tests will verify the functioning of the latter and the outcome will depend on the decisions that Dorna will take on the duration of the races for 2020.

The Michelin rear tyre at the end of one of the races in Valencia

Moving on to tyres, the tyres supplied in 2019 by Michelin have given excellent results, especially the MotoGP-derived front end. Some riders, however, have suffered from rear movements at corners exit; for this reason the French company will test different solutions to provide a more stable and controllable tyre. (Here all the details of the 2019 tyres)

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As far as the suspensions are concerned, in the first edition of the championship many constraints were put in this area: the teams were able to modify few elements of the Ohlinssuspensions: in fact only the oil level, the hardness of the springs and little else. For 2020, more variables will be introduced, in particular it will be possible to work on the damping effect of the front fork.

An Ego Corsa charging in "DC fast mode"

Speaking of race duration, in 2020 there will be one more lap thanks to the portable chargers that will bring the battery to 100% after the sighting lap, directly on the starting grid. At the same time, the fixed charging stations will also evolve: the 2.0 version supplied by EnelX includes an integrated 50kWh battery capable of recharging slowly from the circuit's power grid and then transferring energy to the bike's battery during rapid recharging (duration from 20 to 30 minutes).
This will result in races of about 8 laps, equivalent to 15 minutes. This is currently the duration that Dorna believes is right so that riders can choose only one strategy: to go as fast as possible from the first to the last lap.

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