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Niki Tuuli: I worked on myself to win the MotoE

Avant Ajo MotoE and Niki Tuuli will be together again in the MotoE World Cup 2020. The 2-year-old will continue to race for the Finnish team with whom he won the debut race of the MotoGP electric class at the Sachsenring circuit. In addition to the MotoE, Tuuli will also be on track for the CEV MotoXNUMX title with the Stylobike team.
In 2019, after a great start, Tuuli suffered a serious injury in the third round of the World Cup which prevented him from participating in the final part of the Championship. We asked him where his recovery is and what targets he has for 2020.

Niki Tuuli # 66 with the MotoE of the Ajo team

1 - What is your balance after the first year in MotoE?
“The overall result was certainly not good, I had a big injury and my season ended in the third race, so I wasn't happy at all. Our goal was to win the championship. The start of the season was really good, I was always in the top three in almost all the sessions, we had very good lap time and pace. Last year we found that our team has great potential. Let's finish next season at the last race and not early. "

2 - Over the season, how did you adapt to this new category?
“Before riding the MotoE, I imagined how it could be, then, the first time I rode it, the feeling was neutral, it was easy to learn and to ride, there was no problem because of the lack of noise, clutch or gearbox. It was easy and natural to have a good feeling with this bike right from the start."

Tuuli at the Sachsenring where he got his first win in MotoE

3 - In your opinion, what is the key to a good result with such short races?
“I think the key element is the qualifying session: we only have one lap available and it is very difficult to do it at maximum without taking risks. Last year we saw that it is essential to be in the Top 6 in E-pole to fight for the top three places during the race and play for the win. If you have a null lap because you fall or exit the edge of the track, you have to start from the last position on the grid and from there it is really difficult to recover. This is exactly what happened to me in Misano: I crashed into the E-pole and tried to recover quickly in the first part of the race but I made a mistake and broke my leg and arm."

4 - What impression did you make running without the engine noise?
“There are people who are in love with the noise of the bike and it is not normal for them to see races without the sound of the engine but I think in the future it will be normal to see races without the noise of the engine. Last year in MotoE we had a great show, we saw interesting races and with many overtaking: this is the main goal of our sport and it is what people want to see. In MotoE we have the potential to improve a lot every year and and it will be interesting how fast these bikes will evolve. Personally I am very happy to have had the opportunity to be part of this project from the beginning."

Tuuli in action during the Valencia test at the beginning of the season

5 - What are your expectations for next year?
“At the moment I'm not 100% yet, my arm is healed and I can train the upper body but the leg injury has not yet recovered. Every week I improve and I am able to do something more and better, it means that we are on the right path, I am sure that I will be 100% for the first race in Jerez at the beginning of March. (here the calendar of the MotoE 2020)
For 2020 I have high expectations: I have a team behind me that has everything it takes to allow me to win the MotoE World Cup. To do that, however, I have to improve, I need to stay calm, to be fast at the right moments. I have to be more careful, I have to be aggressive but at the right time and think a little more when needed. I think this is the key element to get to the bottom of the season at the top of the standings. "