The results of the Pons Racing 40 team in the MotoE test at Jerez

The results of the Pons Racing 40 team in the MotoE test at Jerez
Torres_Pons Racing_40_test_Jerez_mar_21_03
Jordi Torres, winner of the MotoE 2020

The Pons Racing 40 team for the first time on track with two riders: the reigning champion Jordi Torres and the rookie Jasper Iwema.

The MotoE World Cup officially started its third season by completing the first test session at the Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto.
The current champion of the category, Jordi Torres, is back on the Ego Corsa of the Pons team to find the feeling of the past season; this year the Spanish champion's goal is to defend the crown he won at Le Mans. For now, after these three days of work, Torres has expressed satisfaction and optimism.
This test also saw the debut of a new rider of the Pons Racing 40 team, Jasper Iwema. The minimum target in this test was to know the team and the bike. Iwema felt comfortable quickly and improved his times in each practice on track and achieved competitive times.
The next test session will be in a month, from April 12th to 14th, again in Jerez.

Torres_Pons Racing_40_test_Jerez_mar_21_02
Jordi Torres during the test at Jerez

Jordi Torres
“During these three days of testing we were aware that it was training. We had to collect a lot of information in order to face the races during the season, since they are short and we have little time and we must arrive as well prepared as possible and know how to act in all the races. I had to go from less to more, trying solutions and recovering the sensations on the bike and evaluating each change. I end the test very positive, happy with the work done and with the clear direction of work. In the next test it will be time to take another step forward and arrive prepared for the first grand prix”.

Jasper Iwema with the MotoE of the Pons Racing 40 team

Jasper Iwema
“I think I can be satisfied after a time off the asphalt and only compete on ice. We have stayed within a reasonable time of the fastest and that makes me happy. It is true that we must close the gap with the leaders, but I think we will do it step by step. I am happy with the progress we have made, understanding a completely new bike. We have a good working base to continue in the next test, and I want to thank the team for their welcome and their good work, they are very professionals“.

Jasper Iwema at Jerez

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