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BMW CE 04: the reference electric maxi-scooter in the category

BMW's second generation electric maxi-scooter is a fascinating vehicle: it is equipped with automotive-derived parts, it is fast, it is comfortable and easy to handle and it charges quickly.

The CE 04 scooter marks the beginning of a new chapter in what BMW Motorrad calls its “electromobility strategy”. Credit must be given to the German manufacturer for having dared to produce a spectacular electric motorcycle, not only for its incredible appearance, but for providing real competition to maxi-scooters with combustion engines. The BMW CE 04 has faster and quieter acceleration than any traditional maxi-scooter and the slim design makes it perfect for moving around in urban traffic. It is a vehicle rich in style and technology.
This new scooter from BMW is equipped with a permanent magnet electric motor mounted in the frame between the battery and the rear wheel. The maximum power is 31kW at 4900rpm (23 kW in the version with reduced power) which allows it to reach the declared maximum speed of 120km / h. The maximum torque of over 60 Nm is available from 0 to 4 900 rpm. From zero to 50 km / h takes 2,6 seconds. The electric motor is liquid cooled and the radiator is installed in the front of the vehicle.

The new BMW CE 04 has a large capacity thanks to the 60,6 Ah (8,9 kWh) battery, which provides a range of around 130 kilometers (the reduced power version reaches 100 km). This allows you to drive without the need for frequent recharging in an urban environment, on commutes from home to work or on short weekend rides. The CE 04 adopts a modified and smaller version of the battery cells fitted to BMW's iX and i4 series cars. Other components for controlling the high-voltage battery system are also derived from solutions developed by BMW Automobiles.
The lithium-ion battery is charged with the integrated charging device, either through normal household sockets or in wallboxes or public charging stations. When the battery is completely discharged, the charging time is approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes. Through the optionally available quick charger with an output of up to 6,9 kW (2,3 kW is the standard level), the charging time is reduced to just 1 hour and 40 minutes with a completely discharged battery. If the battery level is at 20 percent and the battery is charged to 80 percent, the charging time is reduced to just 45 minutes via the optional quick charger.

A major technological challenge was to achieve optimal cooling of the high voltage battery. On the one hand, it was necessary to avoid excessively low temperatures, because this leads to a huge increase in the internal resistance of the cells, thus reducing the power. On the other hand, high temperatures had to be avoided because this would have a negative impact on the life of the cells. In the BMW CE 04, these critical issues are handled by an air cooling system. Here the heat is dissipated from the high-voltage battery through a cooling plate with cooling fins arranged longitudinally on the underside of the vehicle.
The CE 04 weighs 231kg, significantly less than its predecessor (the old BMW C-Evolution weighed 270kg) and around 25-30kg more than an equivalent petrol scooter. Despite the weight, the CE 04's excellent handling also stems from the fact that BMW has cleverly placed a lot of the weight at the bottom of the frame, with the battery cells installed horizontally just inches from the asphalt. This allows the CE 04 to be more manageable than its weight would suggest.

The main frame consists of a tubular steel structure. The front wheel is controlled by a telescopic fork with a stem diameter of 35 mm. The rear wheel is controlled via a single-sided swingarm equipped with a single shock absorber. The dual discs do a great job of stopping the CE-04, with the rear brake lever mounted on the left handlebar. The standard ABS system is supplied as standard while the Pro version, which also intervenes when braking is inclined, is available as an option.
In developing the BMW CE 04, BMW Motorrad paid particular attention to providing the rider with the choice between maximum efficiency and maximum driving enjoyment. The result is the three driving modes "ECO", "Rain" and "Road" while the "Dynamic" mode is available as an option and allows even greater speed performance. For greater driving stability, slip control is available thanks to the ASC (Automatic Stability Control) system. Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) is available as an option.

The CE 04 is not only a means of transport but also a means of communication for the commuter of the big city. The 10,25 "TFT color screen (Full HD resolution of 1920 x 720 pixels) is part of the standard equipment, with integrated map navigation for convenient route planning and extensive connectivity, effectively making an additional display unnecessary . For everyday use, the screen is equipped with a tempered glass cover and therefore extremely robust. It is anti-reflective for optimal viewing and is protected from dirt and scratches thanks to a special coating.
The screen can be used in "full screen" mode showing, for example, the navigation map or in "split screen" mode to show the on-board computer, battery status, the navigation arrow or a phone call in progress.

A dedicated smartphone app is available which provides the BMW CE 04 driver with the latest navigation software and maps on an ongoing basis. The BMW Motorrad Connected app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google and Apple app stores. It also includes interesting additional functions such as recording the route and consulting other travel statistics and information. In this way, the recorded routes can also be shared directly with other riders via the Rever Community.
In addition to standard connectivity and the navigation map shown on the screen, the new BMW CE 04 also offers telephony with smartphone connection. A smartphone can be safely housed in a storage compartment on the inside left side and charged via the USB connection, protected from splashing water and ventilated by an electric fan.

The torque and power curve of the BMW CE 04

The BMW CE 04 can be purchased at a price of 14.190 euros (12.550 euros for the less powerful version) but can be purchased with eco-incentives and scrapping, starting from 8.550 €.
Further details on: www.bmw-motorrad.it
Photo copyright: Studio Goico 2021

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