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Xavier Simeon ready to win with the LCR E-team

Xavier Simeon with his MotoE number 10

After the "5 questions to" Niccolò Canepa, here's the post dedicated to the other rider of the E-LCR Team: Xavier Simeon. Thirty years and past in MotoGP and Moto2, including a victory in the German GP in 2015 riding a Kalex, Simeon is the new rider of Lucio Cecchinello's team. In 2019, the Belgian rider took part in the MotoE World Cup with Avintia team, getting two podiums, in Austria and San Marino, and finishing the season in 6th place with 58 points scored. In addition to the MotoE, in 2020 Simeon will also race the Endurance World Championship with the prestigious Suzuki SERT team.
It is Xavier's opinion that the first year in MotoE "has been very positive. I liked the format of the category that is different from all others, but very interesting.” The first race was difficult but fun for the great battle with De Angelis. In Austria, Simeon got the first podium at the first experience with this bike on a wet track. "I did not expect to be competitive with MotoE so quickly. It's a fun class in which you have to push from start to finish, both in qualifying and in the race. There are no strategies; you do not think about tyre degradation. "In the other two rounds, Simeon got third place at Misano and fifth in Valencia.

The MotoE bikes of the LCR E-Team 2019

"During the winter, I missed the tests in Jerez so I arrived at the first race with little experience; that first Grand Prix was a bit 'strange but I adapted quickly to this new category and from the second race on, I always fought for the podium."
It is essential to identify the key element to getting good results in MotoE sprint races. "The important thing is to focus and visualize everything well before you get on the bike: the trajectories, the braking and the reference points. These are important things in the other categories as well, but here even more because the race is short, you have a few laps, you do not have time to ask you anything and you have to get the right feeling from the start."

Simeon got the second place in the AustriaGP race

Before the start of the Cup, people wondered what would happen during overtaking because of the missing engine noise, but the MotoE was a real surprise in terms of overtaking, we have seen many great actions. "The truth is that it is a very fun class, because all the bikes are equal."
"For the 2020 season, I have to work mainly on tyres; I have to understand better how to use them to the maximum in the first few corners and be more consistent in pace. It is essential to fight for the podium in every race and win the title."

For those who love numbers, in the “telemetry data" secition, you can find the performance of the riders of the LCR E-Team on the various circuits of the MotoE World Cup 2019. For 2020, in addition to the Canepa data, we will also report the Simeon data.