The first press conference of the riders of the MotoE 2021

The first press conference of the riders of the MotoE 2021
The ridersof the first press conference of the MotoE 2021

The riders' press conference kicks off the first round of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup 2021 season

It's time of MotoE again! The FIM Enel MotoE World Cup begins its third season this weekend at the Circuito de Jerez-Angel Nieto. The pre-event press conference on Thursday is officially kicking off the event; the participants today were: the winner of the MotoE 2020 Jordi Torres (Pons Racing 40), Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP), Eric Granado (One Energy Racing), the winner of the MotoE 2019 Matteo Ferrari (Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE), rookie Yonny Hernandez (Octo Pramac MotoE) and the fastest rookie during the test, Fermin Aldeguer (Openbank Aspar Team).

Jordi Torres (team Pons Racing 40)

Jordi Torres
“When you arrive to the first race you never know how your rivals are. We only did two tests here in Jerez and we know the track well, it's perfect but... maybe after, during the year, with different conditions or at a different track with different grip, it is more different. This race I think all the guys are very competitive and aggressive. And I expect to be there, to have a big fight. We'll see what happens! But for sure we need to improve a bit more because in the test we didn't have 100% performance. But for sure, during the race we'll put our balls on the table to be aggressive and to get, if possible, some podiums or try to fight for the victory.
During the race simulation carried out in the tests, our best option was to cut the throttle and do a personal test and see how the behaviour of the bike was in that session, because we changed the bike a lot. And we know it's better to concentrate on our bike than compare to other riders. We are concentrating more riding alone, trying to get a better feeling."

Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP team)

Dominique Aegerter
“I'm very happy to be back in MotoE; thanks to the team for letting me ride again in this category! We had two great tests in Jerez fighting in front, we made some different changes on the bike and got some new parts from Energica, and tyres and suspension we tested, and laptimes were a bit faster. We made a great step forward and now this weekend here I'm looking forward to practice and E-pole and then the race.
We know this track well, so many riders and teams have a lot of data and suspension settings and gearing from this track, and we'll go to two tracks we haven't ridden before in Assen and Barcelona, so for sure they'll be some new things to try if the bike works with a similar setup to here in Jere. But here for sure many riders will be very fast and with close laptimes so it's important to do a good E-Pole lap to start on the first two rows, and in the race to be in the first group, make a good start and not make any mistakes to fight for the podium."

Eric Granado (One Energy Racing team)

Eric Granado
“I'm very happy with preseason, we did a great job and I'm really happy with the work we did with my new team. We are in a good way, I'm feeling good on the bike, I have a good package with the team and settings on the bike. Like Jordi and Domi said, this weekend everyone will be fast for sure because we did two tests here, and we have good data and a good feeling after a lot of laps. So it'll be difficult but I'll try and do my best, be in the front group if possible and take maximum points every race, work on that every race to arrive at the end of the season with options to fight.
I need to work on this this season, I'm focused on those changes and my new team for sure helps me to have more calm at some moments, and don't always try to be the fastest because consistency is key, as Matteo showed in 2019 and Jordi last year... I'll work on that, and do my best every race. Let's say what happens at the end!"

Matteo Ferrari (Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE)

Matteo Ferrari
"First of all I want to thanks MotoGP and the team because we're here again, the first race of MotoE and I'm really happy about that. The preseason was a bit different compared to last year because last year I finished first, but during the first race here in Jerez I had some difficult points on the track, so I changed my riding style a bit to understand better the tyres and the new front fork during the test. I didn't push a lot for the laptime but with my team we tried to find the right setting for this race and I think we're ready. E-Pole will be very important on Saturday, all the riders are very fast and... then we'll see on Sunday."

Yonny Hernandez (Octo Pramac MotoE)

Yonny Hernandez
“At the beginning it was so different for me, especially on the brakes, the bike is heavier. I just tried do a lot of laps, trying to get a feeling with the bike and understand the category. I think the test was positive for us, at the start it was complicated but by the end of the second day of the test I tried to stay more comfortable and I had more feeling with the bike and team. I've tried to find a good setup for the race this weekend and just trying to get the feeling and understand it with laps and laps. It's difficult for me because you don't have a lot of time to try many things because sessions are short, you can do five or six laps, and this I think isn't so much time to understand everything but I think we can improve and I'll do my best and have a good race.
I'll try to understand the bike better and especially in the first part of the practice, qualifying on one lap for me is something where we need to work more because for me in the test it was difficult for me in the beginning, I don't use 100% of the tyres, especially at the beginning. When I start to get the feeling, I need more laps but I'll do my best to have a good qualifying."

Fermin Aldeguer (Openbank Aspar team)

Fermin Aldeguer
"Thanks for the welcome! I feel very good with MotoE. It's very different but after the first and second practices I felt really good, free practice to practice I improved a lot and I feel good with the bike and the whole team. You don't have gears, only throttle and the brake and that's very different. The weight is different. It's very different but I like it!"

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