The poll among the riders for the starting grid for race two

The poll among the riders for the starting grid for race two
The start of the first race of the Emilia Romagna GP

Before the Misano race, a vote among the eighteen riders of the MotoE decided with which rule race two would start.

During the first season of the MotoE, some riders had asked for a different starting grid criterion for the second race in the double rounds, as it had been in Misano and Valencia. In those cases, the result of the Epole was used to define the starting grid in both races.
Nicolas Goubert, the Executive Director of the MotoE World Cup, explained: “Before Misano, we developed an alternative criterium for the Epole, and we asked the riders what their preference was; it was a poll. We did it because some riders complained that there was too much emphasis on the Epole, and a mistake in the Epole affects both races. For example, last year in Misano, we had four riders who made a mistake in the Epole, and those riders started from the last row in both races. Because of that, we developed an alternative criterion, but also this has plus and minus. For example, if in race one you have an incident and it is not your fault, nevertheless in race two, you have to start from the bottom of the grid. The most evident example of it was in Le Mans with Dominique Aegerter."

Aegerter's incident at the start of Race 1 at Le Mans

“The result of the poll was ten against eight, so we proceeded with the new criterium. However, this decision is 100% dependent on the riders, so next year we will propose the same choice, and the riders will decide again what is best for the category. The 2021 riders’ line-up will be different, so it is fair to ask them again. After having seen the results of these two systems, my personal opinion is that the original one is better because I prefer the riders to be responsible. If a rider loses the championship for a mistake in the Epole, it is his mistake and not of someone else. We will discuss with the riders during the preseason test, and we will decide for 2021."

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