Interview with Niki Tuuli after the second season in MotoE

Interview with Niki Tuuli after the second season in MotoE
Niki Tuuli winner of Race 2 at Le Mans

It ended with the final round at Le Mans the second season in MotoE by Niki Tuuli. The Finnish rider of the Avant Ajo MotoE team finished in sixth place a season that started with an injury in Jerez and ended with a victory in France. We asked him a few questions to understand how this second year in the MotoGP electric class went.

1 - Niki, what is your evaluation of this season in MotoE?
"The MotoE this year was not what we expected. I had a major injury in Misano last year, and when we started the 2020 season, my leg was not recovered yet. In the beginning, I could not find the speed and feeling with the bike I had before the injury. The first test at Jerez in March was difficult. After the lockdown, we did the first race in July at Jerez and at that time, the situation was better; in the first weekend, I had a better feeling but not enough to be aggressive and overtake other riders. The week after, during the second round, I had a crash, and I have injured again (Tuuli had a wrist surgery operation – ed.). For that reason, I missed the race, and I lost important points in the championship. It was a very tough start to the season."

Niki Tuuli with the MotoE at Jerez

2 - How did you improve your performance over the season? We have seen an excellent improvement in the final part. 
“Yes, in the second part of the season, I recovered a good feeling, and we had a couple of podiums, achieving good performance at the end of the season; it was good for me and also the crew were very happy. I did not do anything specific: I rode without stress, just to have fun, which gave me a better feeling on the bike. Although we win the last race of the season, there are many things that we have to improve. I have to improve mainly in the brakings: I have to brake more inside the corner because my trajectories are too wide and soft in the slow corners. In the fast corners, I feel really good."

Here the results of Niki Tuuli in the 2020 season of the MotoE World Cup.

order Circuit Race Epole FP1 FP2 FP3
1 SPA 11°
2 AND NC NC 10° 11° NC
3 RSM 17° 11° 13°
4 ITA 13° 13° 13° -
5 ITA2 12° - - - -
6 FRA 10° -
7 FRA2 - - - -
Niki Tuuli during the San Marino GP

3 - What is your opinion on the innovations introduced in MotoE this year?
Regarding the criteria for the grid of the double races, I think the new one is better. The Epole is very difficult, and there is only one lap available; if your performance is not good in the Epole, in the first race, you can manage to improve the position on the grid of race two. (here the details of the new rule)
As for the new suspension, it gave me more confidence during brakings and also improved safety. (here the details of the suspensions)
The new tyres are excellent: they have a better grip, and also the durability was improved compared to last year. I have nothing bad to say about them. (here the details of the 2020 tyres)

4 - What kind of work do you do with the team over a race weekend?
“The target of free practice is to find a set-up that gives me a good feeling. In the beginning, we do a long run to learn the track as fast as possible. After I found the right feeling, I push to improve the performance."

Niki Tuuli leading Race 2 of the French GP

5 - What are your plans for next year?
“My plan for next year is not fixed yet: it could be similar to 2020 or completely different. At present, nothing is decided yet."

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