The MotoE also as a television laboratory for the MotoGP

The MotoE also as a television laboratory for the MotoGP

During a recent interview with Piero Taramasso, the head of Michelin Motorsport's two-wheel business explained that Michelin and Dorna Sport are testing live TV displays of tyre temperature in MotoE.

The first test of the system was in the 2019 season when Matteo Ferrari's rear tyre's real-time temperature appeared in overlay during the Valencia GP race. From there on, similar tests were carried out with several riders in 2020. Dorna Sport and Michelin's goal is to consolidate this new TV tool in MotoE and then bring it to MotoGP.
In terms of instrumentation, three IR (infrared) sensors are installed on the bike's swingarm, pointing to a tyre sector: the right side, the left side, and the central area. The data recorded by the instruments are directly displayed during the live television broadcast of the race.

IR sensors for measuring rear tyre temperature

Taramasso wanted to point out that the speed at which the temperature of the tyre varies on TV is highly realistic and close to the real behaviour. The difference in temperature between the side of the tyre in contact with the ground, and therefore warmer, and the opposite side, is also highly accurate. However, it should also be noted that the surface temperature is only one of the parameters Michelin monitors to check how the tyre performs on track. The most significant temperature reading is the innermost one, between 8 and 10mm below the surface. This is measured by the French manufacturer's technicians when the bike returns to the pits, using special needles inserted into the tyre compound.

Thanks to the infographic developed by Dorna and Michelin, the spectator can clearly see how riders are using the rear tyre, for example, if the wheel is sliding or drifting.

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