TT Assen Circuit - Performance MotoE

The performance of the MotoE on the TT Assen circuit

Team partner: Dynavolt Intact GP

Dominique Aegerter, Dynavolt Intact GP team

The Assen circuit is 4542m long with five left-hand and nine right-hand corners and a final straight of 487m. The MotoE was on this track for the first time in 2021. Thanks to the contribution of the Dynavolt Intact GP team and its rider, we are able to show you the performance of the MotoE on this track. Below you can find the infographics of the track with speed and lean angle curve by curve.

The average speed of the fastest lap of the MotoE class at Assen is 159.2km/h. The maximum speed and lean angle data were obtained from the data of all the sessions carried out by MotoE on the Assen circuit and do not automatically coincide with the curve-by-corner data obtained from the best lap performed by the Dynavolt Intact GP team rider.
Some of the following images were created using the graphic engine of the MotoGP21 videogame developed by Milestone.

Dominique Aegerter on the Dutch track in Assen

The Assen circuit explained by Dominique Aegerter, rider of the Dynavolt Intact GP team

“2021 was the first year we raced with the MotoE on this track. Here I had already raced with the 125cc and the Moto2 but I had no references with the MotoE so with the team we decided to start with the set-up of the previous race (Barcelona).
After the main straight, we have a rather hard braking. It is important to release the brake early at the inlet of Turn 1, then open the throttle as you exit towards Turn 2, which is a slight right turn that in MotoE we go at full throttle. Arriving at Turn 3, we brake with the track that has banking inside the curve. Then, there begins a long curve to the right in which we keep the throttle a little open."

“At the exit of Turn 4, we open the throttle quickly before Turn 5, which is the slowest part of the circuit, but it is also one of the most important because exiting this hairpin leads to a very long straight.
With the MotoE, we have a lot of power and a lot of torque coming out of this corner, so we have to make sure that the rear does not slide away, while on the straight, it is important to be the most aerodynamic as possible.
At Turn 6, we are at full throttle at around 240 km/h and Turn 7 is also a high-speed curve. Therefore, the change of direction between Turn 6, which is on the right, and Turn 7, on the left, is very demanding; the change of direction requires a lot of strength from the rider.”

“After Turn 7 we open at full throttle again up to Turn 8. The entry is very fast because of the curve’s banking (the inside of the curve is lower than the outside). After that point, there is a small straight up to the quite hard braking of Turn 9.
At the exit, we turn up the throttle to Turn 10 and Turn 11: these two form a long curve to the right: we brake a bit at the entrance and keep the throttle partially open while cornering through both curves. It is important to keep the apex and then open the throttle quickly by controlling the slide of the rear tire to have a good exit speed to be fast in the section up to Turn 15.
Turns 12, 13 and 14 are at full throttle, and we can cut a bit on the inside curb in the first two curves."

“Turn 15 is a very difficult corner because it's fast and blind; we have to find some reference marks on the ground. The curve has banking on the inside; we brake a bit at the entrance and try to find the exact line to open the throttle very early to be as fast as possible towards the last chicane (composed of Turns 16, 17 and 18).
This is a critical point where we can make the last overtaking on the final lap. The braking is quite hard, and it is important not to be too direct towards the first corner, otherwise we will lose the best line for the second part of the chicane.
It is better to be a little slower at the entrance and have a good line at the exit to open the throttle quickly and have more speed on the final straight. It is also important not to cut the chicane or touch the green zone, otherwise you will be penalized. It is a really difficult chicane, but it is the best point of the Cathedral of speed for the spectators.”

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