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Zaccone and the Octo Pramac team take their first victory in MotoE

The MotoE of the Octo Pramac Racing team

Alessandro Zaccone shines in his first race of the season in the MotoE World Cup and wins the first victory in this category for himself and for the Octo Pramac team. Zaccone's race was extraordinary and he proved to be very competitive over all weekend, starting from fifth position on the grid. The Italian rider had an exemplary race, with only one mistake when he came out on the green zone beyond the curb with two laps to go.
Perfect last lap by Alessandro Zaccone who corner after corner gains on Aegerter preventing the Swiss rider from attacking him at the last corner before the finish line.
Yonny Hernadez, rookie in MotoE, ends in the top ten; a few mistakes do not allow the Colombian rider to express his qualities in the best possible way. Closes in tenth position.

Alessandro Zaccone
“It's an unbelievable result, I knew we were fast and could fight for the podium, but to win was just a thought. To be here is fantastic, I did half the race in front after Granado's crash. And it was just five laps but it felt like it never ended! I'm very happy, and I have to thank my team for believing in me. After a difficult year last year with the injury and everything, to start from here is great, I think we'll enjoy this season!”

Yonny Hernandez
“I'm not fully satisfied, I made some mistakes that didn't allow me to finish in a better position. However, I understood a lot of things that I hope will help me do better for the next race."

In just two weeks' time, the SHARK Grand Prix of France will host the second showdown of the year from 14 to 16 May 2021.

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