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Yamaha launches two electric BOOSTERs for urban mobility

Yamaha launches two new electric models for urban mobility; they are the BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec. Both were created to meet the rapidly growing demand for clean, quiet and convenient means of transport for getting around the urban environment.

The eBike Booster Easy and the S-pedelec Booster from Yamaha
The BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec from Yamaha (photo: Yamaha )

Last year Yamaha presented the NEO's, its first electric scooter, and started the road test campaign with the E01. Now it's time for two more new products: the BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec. While the NEO's is an electric scooter equivalent to a 50cc and the E01 is equivalent to a 125cc, the BOOSTER Easy is an eBike with a maximum speed of 25km/h with pedal assistance while the BOOSTER is an S-pedelec or electric moped, intended for holders of an AM license or higher, which can reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h with pedal assistance.
A few decades ago, Yamaha's legendary BW's scooter, together with the best-selling MBK Booster model, captivated a generation of young riders looking for fun and freedom on two wheels. The new BOOSTERs are the heirs of the original Yamaha and MBK scooters with big tires that played an important role in the lives of thousands of young Europeans growing up in the 80s and 90s.

The S-pedelec Booster from Yamaha
The Yamaha BOOSTER S-Pedelec (photo: Yamaha )

The two new models from Yamaha, the eBike BOOSTER Easy and the S-Pedelec BOOSTER, were developed in Europe thanks to the collaboration between Yamaha and Fanticper and aim to meet the rapidly growing demand for clean, quiet and convenient means of transport for the urban environment.
Both the BOOSTER and the BOOSTER Easy are manufactured in the Minarelli factory in Italy according to Yamaha specifications. By manufacturing in Europe, Yamaha Motor Europe has been able to shorten the supply chain and thus be more effcient in responding to market demands. In addition, the significant reduction in shipping-related emissions contributes to Yamaha's carbon neutrality goal by 2035.

Yahama 2023 news: the BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec

The new Yamaha BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER models look virtually identical and are
technically very similar as they share the same design. The difference is in theirs
performance: 25 km/h with pedal assistance for the BOOSTER Easy, 45 km/h with pedal assistance for the BOOSTER.
The modern, minimalist design features an exposed cast aluminum frame, spoked wheels with chunky 20″ x 4″ tires, and a classic U-frame setup. Powered by an ultra-compact and lightweight Yamaha PW-S2 drive unit that delivers smooth performance, the new BOOSTER models are ready to allow the new generation of riders who live, work and play in the city with easy access to every area.

The S-pedelec Booster from Yamaha
The Yamaha BOOSTER S-Pedelec (photo: Yamaha )

The BOOSTER models use a Yamaha fork cover, a Supernova front fender and headlight for a stylish and coordinated look.
The cables are hidden to make the lines look sharper. The chain guard and the engine covers underline the high build quality of the BOOSTER models. The rear rack offers
plenty of room for cargo and both models come standard with Royal Orbis saddles
adjustable and an integrated Koso LED light.
The BOOSTER models represent the new generation of vehicles for urban mobility and are among the most convenient two-wheeled vehicles available today. Driving comfort on rough roads is ensured by large 20″ x 4″ tires that provide excellent grip on various road surfaces. The adjustable saddle allows riders of different heights to find the ideal riding position, while the fork, together with the high-profile tires absorb shocks well, and absorb the irregularities of the road surface. A robust and simple frame design, with a unique cast aluminum front section allows for comfortable climbing, while ensuring a low center of gravity for good manoeuvrability.

The Yamaha BOOSTER Easy e-bike
The Yamaha BOOSTER Easy e-bike (photo: Yamaha )

Both BOOSTER versions are equipped with the latest PWseries S2 engine, which is one of the most sophisticated in its class. Developed according to the “less is more” philosophy, the silent PWseries S2 drive unit is extremely light and compact, weighing just 2,85 kg.
With a torque of 75Nm, the PWseries S2 offers one of the highest torque-to-weight ratios in its class, ensuring smooth and natural acceleration for the BOOSTER. As well as uninterrupted power delivery, this reliable high-tech design benefits from a host of cutting-edge electronic technologies that deliver an enjoyable driving experience. Yamaha's zero cadence technology provides instant assistance as soon as pedal pressure is sensed and the automatic assist mode provides additional electric assistance when needed, such as uphill or in headwinds, to make the riding experience easier and pleasant.

The Yamaha BOOSTER Easy e-bike
The Yamaha BOOSTER Easy e-bike (photo: Yamaha )

Riders can also select Zero Mode, which disengages the motor unit completely and uses pedal power only, and Walk Assist Mode, which makes it easier to push the vehicle in situations where driving is prohibited, such as crossing pedestrian zones.
Both models, BOOSTER Easy and BOOSTER, are equipped with a 36V battery with 630Wh capacity which powers the PWseries S2 drive unit immediately and reliably. The quick release unit is positioned in the center for easy access and also to centralize mass so you can better maneuver the vehicle. The battery can be charged both on-site and off-vehicle if removed.

BOOSTER and BOOSTER Easy: performance

The BOOSTER Easy model has a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h in compliance with European eBike legislation. However riders can select Zero mode to ride faster downhill, without the pedal assist. Five modes are available: +ECO, ECO, STD, HIGH and AUTO, allowing the rider to select the most appropriate setting according to the type of terrain and his range needs.
The torque ratio delivered by the Yamaha motor unit is set to 50% in +ECO mode e
rises to 280% in HIGH mode. Typical range with a 75kg rider is up to 120km in
+ECO mode and up to 60 km in HIGH mode.

The Yamaha Booster Easy e-bike
The Yamaha Booster Easy e-bike (photo: Yamaha )

The BOOSTER model is classified as an electric moped (L1e) and requires an AM license plate driving license and adequate insurance The rider can choose +ECO, ECO, STD, HIGH and AUTO modes depending on conditions and, weighing in at 75kg , can reach a range of 110 km (+ECO mode) and up to 50 km (HIGH mode).
The torque ratio delivered by the Yamaha engine unit starts at 60% in +ECO mode and rises to
400% in HIGH mode, while the pedal assistance on this electric moped is reduced to
40 km/h and stops before reaching 45 km/h.

Yamaha BOOSTER and BOOSTER Easy: user interfaces

The BOOSTER model features Yamaha's latest centrally located C-display user interface, with a large 2,8″ color dot matrix TFT display and separate control switch. Information displayed includes battery capacity, riding speed, assist mode, range, clock, distance traveled, cadence, calories burned, and time. By connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth®, you can access a range of fitness and navigation apps to enhance your overall driving experience.

The Yamaha Booster S-Pedelec
The S-Pedelec Yamaha Booster (photo: Yamaha )

The BOOSTER Easy model features Yamaha's easy-to-read A-display interface, with a 1,7-inch LCD screen. The basic design features integrated buttons and always-on information, which includes a speedometer, battery capacity indicator and assist mode, as well as selectable odometer, odometer and range indicator.
The BOOSTER Easy eBike and the BOOSTER S-pedelec will both be available from summer 2023. For both versions of the BOOSTER, the colors are Cyan Solid Aqua and Dark Gray Metallic.
For more information and prices, you can consult the Yamaha website: www.yamaha-motor.eu

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Main features Yamaha BOOSTER Easy
eBike category, speed limited to 25 km/h
Range of 60-120km depending on driving mode, with fully charged battery
Comfortable, agile and light urban transport
Contemporary and minimalist design
Die-cast aluminum frame
Adjustable saddle height
Extra large high profile 20" x 4" tires
Low center of gravity for maximum agility and excellent stability
Designed to tackle uneven road surfaces
Promax 180mm front and rear disc brakes
Top quality Yamaha PW-S2 motor unit
Yamaha 36V battery with 630Wh
Multi-function LCD display interface A
Yamaha charger
Rear luggage rack
Exclusive Yamaha body design
Royal Orbis saddle
Supernova M99 Mini Pure Headlight/Koso LED Taillight
Original accessories: baskets, side bags, inner bags, frame side covers, pedals
premium, handlebar mount.

Main features of the Yamaha BOOSTER S-pedelec
S-pedelec BOOSTER electric moped, category AM driving license or higher, limited speed
at 45 km / h
Range of 50-110km depending on driving mode, with fully charged battery
Top quality Yamaha PW-S2 45 motor unit
Yamaha WVTA (L1e-B) battery 36V with 630Wh
TFT color multifunction display interface C
License plate
Left side mirror
Horn and instrument controls on left handlebar

Photo: Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.