Technical data sheet UniBo Alpha Leonis

UniBo Alpha Leonis

UniBo Motorsport is the racing team of the University of Bologna, born in 2009 from the passion for the automotive world of some engineering students of the CTM (Technical and Motors Club) association. Today the team has 150 students from different faculties of the Bologna university. Thanks to the multidisciplinary background and the different skills, the team has a company-type organization that is capable of optimizing both the people and the economic resources available. In addition to a strong link with the University of Bologna and its main partner, the Ducati Foundation, UniBo Motorsport has important collaborations with several companies in the Bologna area, including Marposs, Engine Engineering, People Design. In addition, for automotive projects, other important partners are Lamborghini, Cima and GD.

Since 2010 the team has taken part in the Formula Student, a competition between universities from all over the world to create a racing vehicle. In 2018, the racing team of the Bologna University also made its debut in the MotoStudent: a competition promoted by the Moto Engineering Foundation and Technopark Motorland in which teams of university students from all over the world compete. The aim is to apply all the knowledge acquired during university studies in the design, development and production of a racing motorcycle prototype.

- Max speed: 190Km/h
- Power: 48kW
– Torque (Motor): 120Nm
- Torque (at wheel): N/A
- Weight :: 126kg
- Acceleration (0-100km/h): 3.8sec
- Charging time: N/A

- Motor: permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMAC)
- Battery: lithium ion type
- Battery capacity: 6kWh
- Battery voltage: 110V
- Battery weight: N/A
- Shift: No
- Cooling: N/A
- Chassis: carbon monocoque with aluminum inserts
- Swingarm: Aluminum made by SLM (Selective Laser Melting) technology
- Final transmission: chain