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Torres and the Aspar team start the MotoE 2023 with a win in France

Jordi Torres wins Race 1 of MotoE 2023 in the French GP at Le Mans
Jordi Torres wins Race 1 of MotoE 2023 of the French GP at Le Mans (Photo: MotoGP)

The Spanish rider opened with a victory the new era of MotoE with the Ducati V2023L. With his first win of the season and a second place, Torres moves to the top of the standings while María Herrera scores her first points of the XNUMX World Championship.

The riders of the MotoE have opened a new era of the championship at Le Mans, the one with Ducati. The first leader of the category is the Openbank Aspar Team rider, Jordi Torres. After winning the first race and finishing second in race 2 of the French Grand Prix, Torres leads the standings in MotoE with 45 points, ahead of Hector Garzò and Matteo Ferrari. In both races Torres and Ferrari were the protagonists of a good battle. The first ended in victory for Torres after the Italian crashed, while in the second Torres gave way to the Gresini rider on the last lap. Héctor Garzó scored two podiums in the first round of the championship, while Swiss rider Randy Krummenacher finished third in the first race.

Jordi Torres, in his first year with the Openbank Aspar Team
Jordi Torres, in his first year with the Openbank Aspar Team (photo: Aspar Team)

Openbank Aspar Team rider Jordi Torres made a strong start to the new World Championship MotoE, taking victory and second place in the first two races of the season. In the morning, the Spaniard, who started third, waited behind Matteo Ferrari and Héctor Garzó until he managed to pass Garzò on the final lap to take the win. However, in the second race it was Matteo Ferrari who overtook Jordi on the last lap after completing a long lap penalty. The Openbank Aspar Team rider ends the weekend in France as leader of the championship, nine points ahead of Garzò. Her Openbank Aspar Team teammate, María Herrera finished the first race of the season in twelfth position. Herrera took advantage of five rider crashes to take his first four points of the year. In the second race, the Spaniard managed to improve her pace, but in the end Herrera finished the French Grand Prix in fifteenth position.

Maria Herrera, in her fifth season in MotoE (photo: Aspar Team)

Jordi Torres
“I'm very happy, the first race week has gone very well. Having two races on Saturday is difficult, and even more so when it's with a new bike or without knowing the durability of the tyres, among other things. In the first race I had to improvise, I was a bit behind in the first laps waiting for my chance. On the last lap I decided to push and I got the victory. In the second race I haven't taken so many risks, I have finished second and it's good for us to keep on winning."

María Herrera
“In the first race we knew we could make a step forward, but the rain in the morning affected us because we had no grip. It was a bit more difficult for me because I don't usually feel that kind of grip on the rear, and I need to get that confidence. As our practice sessions are so short, we still don't have a perfect base and I still don't really understand the riding style on this bike. I went out with more confidence in the afternoon and I was a second faster. We are closer, but this is only the beginning and we have to keep improving. I want to thank the team, they have been supporting me from the first moment."

The next round of the MotoE World Championship is the Italian GP at Mugello on the 9th and 10th of June.

A moment from Race 1 of the MotoE during the French GP

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A moment from Race 1 of the MotoE during the French GP

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