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The Top5 of electric scooters in January 2022 / ASKOLL ES3

Several electric models are now available on the market with very different characteristics and prices. On this page we analyze the Top 5 of the best-selling motorcycles in January 2022; we are talking about scooters equivalent to 125cc with internal combustion engine.

Two-wheeler electric vehicles doubled registrations in January 2022 (+ 117,2%) compared to a year ago and 1.060 vehicles placed on the market. Motorcycles, with 345 vehicles registered, recorded an increase of + 82,5%. In 2022, electric scooters can be purchased by taking advantage of the 2022 incentives.
Electric scooters registered as motorcycles have a maximum speed exceeding 45 km / h and are the ideal solution for urban mobility and home-work journeys. Thanks to prices that are aligned with the equivalent endothermic motor scooters, they represent the zero emission alternative of the latter. They are also exempt from stamp duty for at least five years.

Here is the Top 5 of motorcycles registered in January 2022:
1 - NIU MGT series
2 - PIAGGIO 1 Active
4 - NIU NGT series


The Askoll ES can be chosen between three different models different for battery capacity and homologation: the ES1 and ES2 are classified as mopeds, that is, reaching up to 45 km / h. The ES3 is the motorcycle version, has a power of 2,7 kW and reaches 66 km / h thanks to the engine torque of 130 Nm. This version of the ES line has a double battery pack of 2,82 kWh for a autonomy of up to 96 km. The removable batteries are recharged in 8 hours from a normal household socket.
The list price for Italy of the ES3 is 3.790 euros which, with the application of the eco-bonus and with scrapping, drops to 2.275 euros.
More details on: www.askollelectric.com

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