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The point of Nicolas Goubert, director of the championship MotoE

Nicolas Goubert, the executive director of Fim Enel MotoE World Cup, ha
took stock of the new championship in an interview with the online magazine Ontrackoffroad.com.

Two days after the first official tests in Jerez (23-25 Novembre), these are the most relevant information we learned from Goubert.

The performances

The currently known performance of the bike has been summarized in this infographic. 

“The speed and power are at an excellent level. Weight is currently the major limitation because it affects the braking distance and handling of the bike when cornering and when changing direction. As De Puniet said after testing it at Le Mans, the weight is similar to that of a full tank Endurance bike. "

“In terms of lap times, the most reliable feedback is the one we had during the tests at the Red Bull Ring with Loris Capirossi. Loris lapped half a second from the Moto3 lap record.
The gap will not be the same on all circuits, the Austrian one is quite fast, probably in the more tortuous ones like Sachsenring the times will be higher. "

Motorcycle set-up

“The teams can change the set-up of the bikes, adapting the suspension by acting, for example, on the springs and on the preload.
Additionally there will be two maps for engine power and three for engine brake response. By introducing a new technology, it was decided not to allow too many changes to ensure equal opportunities for everyone from the beginning, it is an essential element to have interesting races. "

Battery management

"All the drivers will have the same level of power from the start to the end of the race, so we will define the number of laps so that no one has to think about saving battery power, regardless of the different driving styles of the drivers."

The pilots

“I am very happy with the list of registered drivers. There are big names like Gibernau, De Puniet, Bradly and De Angelis. They are pilots with very different characteristics and who come from ten different countries. We want fun races, with lots of overtaking, fought until the last corner ”.


“The biggest risks today are when a rider who falls is hit by another bike; this applies to all classes of the world championship. As for the motorcycles, in the event of a crash we expect more damage than, for example, the Moto3 due to the heavier weight of the bike. For this reason there will be five spare bikes. "

The first tests

“The first important step will be the tests in Jerez from 23 to 25 November with 12 bikes. On the 21st each team will receive a bike with a standard set-up; the teams will then be able to adapt it to the style of their drivers. " The team mechanics have already been trained at the headquarters in Energica and in addition to these there will be six technicians from Energica.

The full English interview is available here (link) starting from page 56.