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The performances of the MotoE: the data of the LCR team

Kevin Zannoni and Miquel Pons (LCR E-Team)

During the just-ended season of the MotoE World Cup, we received from the LCR E-Team various data recorded by the telemetry sensors mounted on the bikes of Miquel Pons and Kevin Zannoni. These data are not normally disclosed by the teams and for this we thank the Italian team for having collaborated with Epaddock.

With Lucio Cecchinello's LCR team, the analysis focused on the overall performance of the MotoE and on the general behaviour of the motorbike by comparing the performance of the MotoE on the different circuits of the 2021 season.
Starting from the use of the accelerator, you can see how the riders of MotoE use the throttle fully open for almost half of the lap time. An exception is the Austrian circuit of the Red Bull Ring where this value rises to 100% due to the three long straights that characterize this track.

Less uniform than the previous parameter is the time of use of the brakes, both front and rear. For the two smoothest tracks (Jerez and Assen) there was a use of the front brake of about 20% of the time, while at the opposite end there are the Barcelona and Le Mans circuits.
The time of use of the rear brake is the most uneven data as the riders activate this command at different phases of the ride, both when braking to stabilize the bike, and while cornering and exiting corners to control the line. The lowest value is recorded on the Misano track while the highest value is related to the Barcelona track.
Below you find the infographics circuit by circuit with further information including maximum speed and maximum lean angle.

Circuit Angel Nieto - Jerez de la Frontera (Spain)

Le Mans
Bugatti Circuit - Le Mans (France)

Circuit of Barcelona (Spain)

TT circuit of Assen (Holland)

Red Bull Ring (Austria)

Marco Simoncelli Circuit (Italy)

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