The performance of the MotoE on the "Marco Simoncelli" circuit in Misano

The performance of the MotoE on the "Marco Simoncelli" circuit in Misano

This weekend on the international circuit of Misano "Marco Simoncelli", we will discover the winner of the MotoE World Cup 2021. Thanks to the contribution of the Sic58 Squadra Corse team, the technical director Marco Grana and the rider Mattia Casadei, we are able to show you the performance of the MotoE on this track.

The Misano circuit is 4226m long with ten curves to the right, six to the left and a final straight of 510 meters. The MotoE was on this track for the first time in September 2019 for two races. Below you can find the infographics of the track with speed and lean angle curve by curve together with the description on how to ride the MotoE in Misano. We also thank the Misano World Circuit for the essential support received.

The average speed of the best lap of the MotoE class in Misano it is 146.6km/h. The maximum speed and lean angle data were obtained from the data of all the sessions performed by the MotoE at the Misano circuit. Those do not automatically correspond to the corner by corner data obtained from the best lap of the rider of the Sic58 Squadra Corse team.
Some of the following images were created using the graphic engine of the MotoGP21 videogame developed by Milestone which also includes the MotoE World Cup.

Mattia Casadei (Sic58 Squadra Corse)

The Misano circuit explained by Marco Grana, technical manager of the Sic58 Squadra Corse team
“Misano is a beautiful and extremely technical racetrack. Turn one is critical at the start when, after the green light, there is a risk of contact between the riders. There are two lines available, one wider and one narrower and this leads to the risk of contacts in the change of direction towards turn two. During the race, turn one does not require excessive braking, riders enter quite fast while maintaining a good speed to get to turn two. This curve is narrow, but it is important to keep enough speed up to curve three and four (Rio curve). In turn three you have to be very careful because it is easy to go wide and put the wheels on the green zone and get penalized."

Marco Grana, technical director of the Sic58 Squadra Corse team

“Turn four is one of the slowest on the circuit and you need to have a stable bike under braking. It is a curve that closes and in qualifying you should have a common trajectory with the next one while during the race it is a point where you can try to overtake. At the exit of curve five you have to stay tight on the right side of the track to prepare for the fast change of direction to corner six. This curve is very fast and you to maintain a very precise line; if you make a mistake in the preparation of this curve, the consequence is to go wide on the green zone with consequent penalty. After a short straight, riders arrive at the “Quercia” curve which is a point for overtaking for all categories. Here you can make two trajectories: to overtake you can enter narrow and then widen at the exit or, which is the most effective trajectory, keep a line a little wide at the inlet, go to the apex and then take advantage of the acceleration on the exit until the “Tramonto” curve."

“This is a very characteristic point of the Misano circuit that can be ride in various ways, it is a wide curve where you brake at right lean angle, and where you can try to overtake. The important thing here, however, is to have a lot of grip at the exit and open the throttle as soon as possible because from there you enter the fastest part of the Misano circuit. This is a long straight which includes the famous "Curvone", an extremely fast curve that is difficult to do at full throttle with MotoE; you need a lot of feeling with the bike and it's easy to lose the rear tyre’s grip and end up on the green zone beyond the kerb. Once past the "Curvone" you enter a sequence of curves (twelve and thirteen) leading to the “Carro” curve (fourteen). The twelve does not involve great difficulty while the thirteen is fast and it is difficult to find the right apex. This curve is important to be well prepared for the fourteen which is a critical overtaking point, especially on the last lap because from there until the finish line it is difficult to overtake."

Mattia Casadei at the third second season in MotoE

“At curve fourteen it is difficult to find the right compromise between braking and speed; it is important to exit fast from the corner for the last two corners. The first of these two curves does not present any particular difficulty while in the last one the bike moves under braking because riders arrive with a not optimal line from the previous curve and they need to correct it while braking. Once in the last corner you need to control the bike well to go fast out of the corner towards the finish line, but you have to be careful not to touch the green zone on the exit. Overtaking at this point is extremely difficult because, by choosing an inside line, you do not exit with sufficient speed on the final straight.
The choice of set-up for this circuit is not easy: you can set an extremely stable bike to gain at the braking points (Rio, Quercia, Tramonto and Carro) or have a stable bike in the fast sectors, especially at the “Curvone” where if you close the throttle you lose a lot of time."

“Last year's novelty is the new asphalt. In recent years Misano was a critical track in the wet due to the lack of grip, becasue of the proximity of the sea. The new asphalt certainly has higher grip in all track conditions and we will no longer have to worry about dips as in previous years. With the new asphalt and the improvements made to the bike compared to last year, we expect lower a lap-time. Our goal is certainly to bring Mattia to the podium as we have done in the last two years, but this time we want the top position."

MotoE World Cup 2021
The overall standings

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