The future of Energica and MotoE

The future of Energica and  MotoE

The interview made by Simon Patterson to Livia Cevolini and Giampiero Testoni, respectively Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director of Energica Motor Company. The interesting points are several: we talk about the development strategy of Energica, solutions that will find application on new road models and the evolution of motorcycles for MotoE World Cup.
In this post we want to reproduce some parts that concern the evolution of MotoE, especially in the field of battery performance.
Testoni explains that “the weight of the bike is mainly that of the battery which is sized for the length of the race. Weight goes hand in hand with stored energy. You could run longer races using less power but Dorna's idea has always been that the riders must have 100% power available from the first to the last lap ”.

A MotoE recharging during tests

"The current performance is the highest achievable with the current battery level and it will be so until there is a big technological breakthrough." Testoni adds: “You can save on efficiency or thanks to the electronics of the motors. We already have power converters that are 98% efficient, we can soon reach 99%, but the big steps forward come from batteries ”. “To improve the current generation of batteries, there are promising solutions: in the field of lithium batteries there are several variants yet to be explored, and then there are solid-state ones. The latter have a higher power density and are inherently safer. We think it is possible to double the energy density compared to the current ones, which means that we can do the same performance with half the weight ”.

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