Home Championship The analysis of the two MotoE races of the Portuguese GP 2024

The analysis of the two MotoE races of the Portuguese GP 2024

The analysis of the two races of the 2024 MotoE Portuguese GP
Mattia Casadei wins Race 2 of the MotoE 2024 in Portimao (photo: MotoGP)

The 2024 season of MotoE kicked off last weekend with the Portuguese GP in Portimao. In this analysis, we have collected the ten points, which are, in our opinion, the most important, which summarize the two races that took place at the Autodromo do Algarve.

We have summarized our analysis of the two races of the 2024 MotoE Portuguese GP in ten points; here they are.
1 – The reigning world champion, Mattia Casadei, made it clear that he is the rider to beat, and whoever has the ambition to win the title will have to do so by clashing with him. Casadei didn't take useless risks, got the most out of every session, and when he got the opportunity, he won. Front row without risking for the pole position, third in race one and first in race two. A crescendo borne out of his own confidence.

The analysis of the MotoE 2024 in Portugal - Mattia Casadei

2 – If anyone thought Spinelli's performance last year resulted from the Pons team's magic touch, they were wrong. With the Tech21 team's Ducati V3L, Spinelli was among the fastest riders in the pre-season tests and missed the pole position in Portugal by a few hundredths. Spinelli showcased his talent in race one, riding beautifully and delivering a spectacular overtake under braking in turn one. If anyone will give Casadei a run for his money this year, it will undoubtedly be Spinelli. His crash in race two was inconsequential; with a double long-lap penalty to serve, the Italian driver was destined for last place in the race anyway.

3 – Among the riders currently involved in MotoE, Hector Garzò is definitely the one who has collected less than he deserved. Author of two beautiful races in Portugal, fighting for victory from the first to the last lap in both races and second at the finish line on both occasions. Garzò also missed the final MotoE 2023 podium by a single point and was ousted from the 2019 title fight at the last race due to a sanction for tire low pressure. If anyone has a claim in MotoE, it is definitely the Valencia rider.

The analysis of the MotoE 2024 in Portugal - Oscar Gutierrez

4 – It is not often that a rookie makes the podium in his second race. Fermin Aldeguer and Miquel Pons had excellent results in their debut season in MotoE, but Oscar Gutierrez's feat is unprecedented. After crashing in Race 1, the Spanish rider was not intimidated by the Portimao track or the experience of the other MotoE veterans, taking his first podium finish of the season. Portimao's track record was also his. The compliments received from Fabio Quartararo at the parc ferme were definitely deserved.

5 – No one doubted that Lukas Tulovic could have done well on his return to MotoE, but fourth place in his debut race is just a great way to start the season for the youngest winner of a MotoE race (Austrian GP 2021).

6 – First, the good news is that, after last year's serious injury, the Eric Granado we all know is back, for better or worse. A very fast rider, often the fastest of all, but prone to error when he really shouldn't. The Brazilian took his ninth pole position in MotoE, but in Race 1 he crashed while leading the race. He did better in Race 2, where he finished fourth, aiming to bring home important points for the standings.

The analysis of the MotoE 2024 in Portugal - Chaz Davies

7 – From this analysis of the Portuguese GP cannot miss Chaz Davies, the most famous rider currently participating in MotoE. To think that someone of his calibre would start from the last row and finish at the back of the pack is unthinkable. The weather during pre-season testing did not help him, causing him to find often the track wet, just as debuting on the most challenging track in the world championship did not help him. We expect to see the real Chaz Davies in two or three races.

8 – It is often said that real tracks always give good races. Certainly, the Portimao circuit is among them. The Autodromo do Algarve is, in the opinion of many riders, the most complex and challenging track among those on which MotoE races. Its changes in elevation, the braking of Turn 1 and the fast curve that leads onto the straight are spectacular points for spectators and riders. Let's hope it becomes a regular round in the MotoE World Championship.

9 – The penalty system in MotoE is inadequate because it is borrowed from other MotoGP categories, which run on races three times longer than those in the electric class. Awarding a double long lap penalty for a false start or a non-correct position on the grid, as happened to Spinelli, makes no sense. It automatically means finishing last and is equivalent to a black flag. MotoE would need penalties proportionate to the length of its races.

10 – The first two races of MotoE 2024 were commented on by two new voices. On MotoGP.com, the new commentator for MotoE was Jack Gorst, while, for those who followed the races on Italian TV, the two races were accompanied by the voice of Matteo Pittaccio. Kudos to both for the professionalism with which they performed their duties.

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