SIC58 Squadra Corse: the UpsideDown in MotoE at the SanMarinoGP

SIC58 Squadra Corse: the UpsideDown in MotoE at the SanMarinoGP
Mattia Casadei with the MotoE of the Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse

The Misano Grand Prix for the SIC58 Squadra Corse can be summarized as follows: fall and podium in MotoE with Mattia Casadei, victory in Moto3 with Suzuki and Antonelli in the mobile clinic with a broken wrist and collarbone. Talking about MotoE, on Saturday everything went wrong, with Casadei being hit by Tulli and ending the race on the ground, involving Bradley Smith in the fall. On Sunday, the opposite, with Casadei starting from the tenth position on the grid, recovering the leading group, passing at the last corner Niccolò Canepa and finishing third, achieving his first podium in MotoE.
Hereafter the thoughts of Paolo Simoncelli, the technical comment by the team coordinator, Marco Grana, and the words of Mattia Casadei.

Paolo Simoncelli's hug to Mattia Casadei for the first podium

Paolo Simoncelli
"Usually the homeGP it’s not like this: Misano this year has been like: “wow, am I still alive?” at the end of each day. An amazing Mattia Casadei, who closed the MotoE race in 3 position, an unexpected result after disastrous qualifying and a race on Saturday closed crashing not for his fault. All this has been followed by the glorious victory of the Giapporiccionese Tatsuki Suzuki, who dominated an amazing race."

Marco Grana and Mattia Casadei in pitlane at Misano

Marco Grana
“To preparing for the weekend of the MotoE at Misano, we decided to use the setup of the AustrianGP; that has become our basic setup and we work mainly with that. Mattia is a young rider and E-pole is certainly not an advantage for him. Thus, after the fall in the E-pole in Austria, he remained on the safe side, but he still did a time that allowed him to start in tenth position. In preparation for the race, we worked a lot on the bike to try to have a setup that allowed Mattia to brake hard and I think he had the right feeling in the end. On the last lap, when he passed Canepa on the last corner, Mattia was very good; we always talk about the strategies that could be created during the race but you can't predict everything. In that overtaking Mattia was very good at interpreting the situation in the best way and achieving the podium. For the first time in Misano we did a double race: I liked the formula very much even though, due to the clash with Tuuli, the 1 race for us was very short. An extra race also means more km, but above all, more entertainment for a growing category. "

Mattia Casadei in the closed park before climbing the podium

Mattia Casadei
"Race 1 had started well, I was in good shape. Unfortunately Tuuli hit me and my race ended too soon. I am sorry for all my sponsors and friends who were here to see me. But we were confident for the Sunday race. 2 race was indeed a beautiful race, we really wanted to! I started well, even if a little behind. The bike was very fit, and I wanted to make the podium. I made a good comeback. I dedicate this victory to Paolo and Aldo for having always believed in me. I thank the whole team for the great work done, the sponsors and the many friends that support me."

At this link you can download the results file of 1 race and 2 race of the San Marino GP with the data of the Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse team.