The second test day of the MotoE in Jerez

The second test day of the MotoE in Jerez

Today the MotoE they took to the track in Jerez for the second day of testing. The first session of the day, FP4, took place on a dry track and the riders who tested in this session were able to improve yesterday's performance. The second session was almost deserted due to the rain, only 6 took to the track. During the third session it did not rain but the track was still wet so also in this case the times were high and the teams were able to collect little data. In the infographic at the opening of the article, we compared the best times of the first day with those of FP4 on a dry track. The session averaged 2 seconds per lap faster than the average of the best laps on the first day. 

Bradley Smith - Jerez MotoE Test

The fastest of the day was Bradley Smith, driver of the One Energy Racing team. The best Italian was Mattia Casadei of the SIC58 Squadra Corse team. Although convalescence for a hip operation is not yet complete, Casadei set an excellent 4th time six tenths behind Smith.

Here you can download the 3 combined times file of today's sessions (link) and the combination of the first two days of testing (link)