San Marino GP: Torres wins Race 1 and takes the lead of the standings

San Marino GP: Torres wins Race 1 and takes the lead of the standings
Jordi Torres wins race 1 of the San Marino GP in Misano

First win of the year in MotoE by Jordi Torres and Pons Racing; the Spaniard wins the San Marino GP on the “Marco Simoncelli” circuit in Misano, ahead of Dominique Aegerter and Mattia Casadei. Alessandro Zaccone crashes on the first lap and is taken to the medical center. Torres is now the new championship leader with one race to go.

The race was of 7 laps instead of the 8 planned due to the short time between EPole and the race. At the start Torres takes advantage of the first position on the grid and takes the lead at the first corner. Behind him is Casadei who does a great start from forth to second. In the acceleration of turn 3, Alessandro Zaccone has a high-side, falling in the middle of the track. The Italian rider is hit by Hikari Okubo following him. Both fall and have to retreat with Zaccone who is taken to the medical center.
Meanwhile, in the race Casadei attacks Torres and takes the lead in the half of the first lap but in the following corners Torres overtakes back Casadei and recovers the first position. Just behind the first there are the other two riders battling with Torres for the title: Dominique Aegerter and Eric Granado.

Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP)

On the second lap, Aegerter recovers the gap from the top three and immediately passes Casadei at the Quercia corner and Torres at the Tramonto curve. After a few curves, it is Torres' turn who attacks and passes Casadei at the Carro curve. Behind the top three is Granado, a few tenths behind, and Matteo Ferrari.
Aegerter tries to take an advantage but is followed closely by Torres, while Casadei, third, has Granado behind him who recovers on the first by making the fastest lap.
In the third lap double overtaking at the Quercia curve: Torres passes Aegerter while Granado passes Casadei. The Swiss rider reacts in the next corner by taking the lead again.
Behind the top four are two pairs of riders: Ferrari and Pons in fifth and sixth position, and Aldeguer and Zannoni in seventh and eighth.
The third lap ends with Aegerter, Torres and Granado crossing the finish line together while Casadei is a couple of tenths behind.

Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP)

On the fourth lap Granado goes to the attack of the first two positions, overtaking Torres at turn 4. The Spaniard is not surprised and returns the overtaking to Granado at the Quercia corner. Aegerter remains in first position, with Torres trying to attack him in several points but the Swiss rider of the Dynavolt Intact GP team brakes very hard inside the corners, leaving no space for the opponent to attack him. Behind, meanwhile, Kevin Zannoni passes Aldeguer and moves to seventh position.
With two laps to go, Casadei manages to close the gap from the top three and is back in the fight for the podium. Torres tries to overtake Aegerter at the curve of the Carro but is too long and touches the rear wheel of his opponent. The Spaniard goes wide and leave room for Granado who overtakes him and moves to second position. Torres manages to recover the trajectory to close the curve before Casadei can overcome him. Behind the top four, Miquel Pons overtakes Ferrari for fifth position.

Torres and Casadei fighting in Race 1 at Misano

The last lap begins with the first two riders very close to each other and Torres and Casadei slightly detached. Granado comes out in Aegerter's wake at the Sunset corner but fails to gain enough speed to attack the Swiss at the Curvone or the Carro. The two arrive at the last corner, Aegerter sets the corner entry but Granado enters very fast, tries to take the rope point but loses grip on the front and falls. Aegerter is forced to change the trajectory and go slower on the finish straight. Behind him comes Torres very fast who overtakes him in the sprint before the checkered flag. Third at the finish line comes Mattia Casadei, still on the podium at Misano. Ferrari took fourth place after passing Pons on the last lap while Zannoni finished sixth ahead of Aldeguer.
Fastest lap of the race of rookie Kevin Zannoni (LCR E-Team).

Note on Alessandro Zaccone's conditions: the Octo Pramac team driver MotoE he crashed high-side at Turn 3 and was hit by Hikari Okubo's bike while he was on the ground in the middle of the track. Zaccone was taken to the medical center always remaining conscious and able to move independently. Neurological lesions are excluded. Zaccone was taken to the Cesena hospital for investigations to rule out possible fractures to the pelvis.

Kevin Zannoni gains his best result in MotoE at Misano
POS. N. Nat. Rider Team Time Gap
1 40 Jordi TORRES Pons Racing 40 12,11.858
2 77 Dominique AEGERTER Dynavolt Intact GP 12,12.018 0,160
3 27 Mattia CASADEI Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse 12,12.263 0,405
4 11 Matteo FERRARI Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE 12,14.644 2,786
5 71 Miquel PONS LCR E-Team 12,14.930 3,072
6 21 Kevin ZANNONI LCR E-Team 12,14.953 3,095
7 54 Fermin ALDEGUER Openbank Aspar Team 12,15.479 3,621
8 3 Lukas TULOVIC Tech 3 E-racing 12,22.456 10,598
9 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ OCTO Pramac MotoE 12,22.340 10,482
10 18 Xavier CARDELUS Avintia Esponsorama Team 12,22.763 10,905
11 9 Andrea MANTOVANI Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE 12,22.946 11,088
12 19 Corentin PEROLARI Tech 3 E-racing 12,27.903 16,045
13 6 Maria HERRERA Openbank Aspar Team 12,28.945 17,087
14 80 Jasper IWEMA Pons Racing 40 12,37.260 25,402
15 14 Andre PIRES Avintia Esponsorama Team 12,44.274 32,416
nd 51 Eric GRANADO One Energy Racing nd 0,000
nd 61 Alessandro ZACCONE OCTO Pramac MotoE nd 0,000
nd 78 Hikari OKUBO Avant Ajo MotoE nd 0,000

MotoE World Cup 2021
The overall standings

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