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Sakart Design: where the colors of the MotoGP come from

The livery designed by Sakart Design for the MotoE of the OCTO Pramac team

Sakartdesign is formed by three names: Davide Sacchini, Nicola Sacchini and Fausto Colombini. Usually not much is known about the designers of the livery of motorbikes and teams in the MotoGP championship; but in this case we know: we are talking about the creators of the graphics of some of the most important teams: the team Suzuki Ecstar MotoGPEG0,0 MarcVDS team and the team OCTO Pramac MotoE.

The 2019 Suzuki MotoGP livery

The land where Sakartdesign is born is Tuscany and the city of Pisa in particular: "these places have influenced our lifestyle and our vision. The Tower (of Pisa - ed.) for us is something that goes beyond the artistic symbol, it is the very essence of Pisa and Tuscany in general, it is the concrete simbol of equilibrium." Davide, Nicola and Fausto repeat the word 'equilibrium' often to describe the dynamics of their group: “Our three sensitivities lead us to complement each other; we have complementary roles but at the same time with peculiar characteristics that distinguish us.” Davide and Nicola attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence while Fausto brings to the group the technique, also gained in the aeronautical sector. "We always act like one, our philosophy is to work in complete synergy where there is no "leader" and there is no "follower", there is only the "whole"."

The MotoE of the EG0,0 Marc VDS team

Where do your ideas come from?
“Our creative work always develops as a team where everyone contributes with their own creative and technical roots which are subsequently elaborated and selected. The embryonic stage of discussion of each project is always collective but with that healthy rivalry that is necessary at the origin of each project. From the confrontation phase one of us always emerges and from that moment becomes the guideline of the project. Three is the perfect number because a continuous tussle is created inside, the compendium of three creatives. "

Alex De Angelis on track in Valencia with the MotoE of the OCTO Pramac team

In the case of MotoE , how did you develop the OCTO Pramac team liveries?
"The birth of a new category like the MotoE has allowed us greater creative freedom in the development of liveries. There are always constrains related to the team's social colors and the integration of sponsors, but in this case we had more room to move. In the case of the OCTO Pramac team livery we were inspired by the new electric technology that entered the racing field. We started from the idea of ​​using electrical circuits as graphic elements and drawing them on the lines of MotoE.
When Francesco Guidotti, the Pramac team manager, saw the first sketch, he was suddenly enthusiastic and asked us to develop the idea. From then on we created 8 variants before reaching the final graphic release. Every detail at these levels is important and fundamental, nothing is left to chance."

Sakart Design has developed the entire team design for the EG0,0 MarcVDS team

For the livery of the EG0,0 MarcVDS team, how did it go?
"For them the situation was different, as this year, also to celebrate their tenth anniversary of activity in the world championship, they had the primary objective of starting stylistically from scratch compared to 2018. We have thus created a new" color scheme "for the Moto2 Team with the shiny metallic burgundy that dominates the livery in contrast with the matte finish of the other colors. The new Moto2 livery based on lines that reflect the profile of the "feline" brand of VDS, was thus the stylistic basis for the birth of the "sister" MotoE. In the case of the Marc VDS Team, this year we focused on finding a new and strong stylistic identity for the Team; we think we have succeeded. In their case we took care of the whole Team Design, from the paddock, to the team trucks, up to the mechanics' clothing. "

Some images of the phases of the "mission impossible" with Bimota

What was the strangest request you ever received? Your "impossible mission"?
"After some years, we can tell you about it. It was the 2011 when we met the General Manager of BIMOTA, a competent and explosive person with whom we immediately entered into a strong relationship. At the beginning we had a first period of proposals and sketches on the products, then, suddenly, he asked us to design and make the 'maquettes' for Eicma 2012 of two new concepts: the BB2 and the DB12. It was June and Eicma was just four months later, a very "mission impossible", but at the same time it was also impossible to say no. It was simply a beautiful madness but we still remember with emotion, the motto of the time was 'managed chaos'."

The colors of the Schuberth helmets for the Red Bull Rookies Cup

Which are the projects of these 10 years of activity that you are most proud of?
Well, apart from the aforementioned Bimota project, we are proud of the splendid adventure that sees us joined by 5 consecutive years to the Suzuki Ecstar Team for the development of the team's design. When Davide Brivio (Suzuki Ecstar's team manager - ed) asked us to collaborate, the project for Suzuki's return to MotoGP was only a draft; it has been a journey done together since the beginning. This year we are very proud to have developed and built the Schuberth helmets for the Red Bull Rookies Cup. Seeing a young brand like ours together with these very young riders from which the future motorcycling champions will come out is the best. We also believe in the Racing service dedicated to riders; we support, among others, Brad Binder, which next year will be with the official KTM team in MotoGP, and Scott Redding, the charismatic and extroverted British ex-MotoGP rider, who this year won the Brit Superbike championship as a rookie and that the next year will be a challenger to the title of the World SBK. We are very proud of the relationship and the common vision that we created with these riders.

The commemorative helmet with which Scott Redding celebrated the achievement of the BSB title

“In this decade, our approach has been to look ahead and to always bring new and always out-of-the-box proposals, this is how we have created innovation. In 2020 we will celebrate our first 10 years of activity so we have thought of some news: one we particularly care about will be unveiled at Eicma 2019. For now we can anticipate that it will be a new graphic for the famous Arai brand on the flagship model RX7V called 'Sword '. If you are in Eicma we advise you to go and see it! "

At this link you find the RACING section of Sakart Design http://www.sakartdesign.com/it/racing/