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Dutch GP: Eric Granado winner in Assen

Second victory in the MotoE World Cup 2021 for Eric Granado and the One Energy Racing team; the Brazilian rider wins the Dutch GP in Assen ahead of Jordi Torres and Alessandro Zaccone who maintains the leadership of the championship.

Eric Granado (One Energy Racing) won the fourth race of the third season of the MotoE World Cup. The Brazilian rider arrived first at the finish line followed by Jordi Torres (Pons Racing 40) and by Alessandro Zaccone (Octo Pramac MotoE). Fourth Matteo Ferrari, ahead of Lukas Tulovic and Mattia Casadei. Fall on the first lap for Dominique Aegerter (Dynavolt Intact GP).

At the start, Tulovic moves very well and takes the lead ahead of Granado, Zaccone, Torres and Aegerter. Immediately behind them are Ferrari and Okubo. The first lap ends with a compact group up to turn 16 when Zaccone attacks Granado and gains the second position behind Tulovic. Behind them, the first twist of the race with Aegerter falling into the corner and ending up in the gravel; the Swiss rider gets up and starts again from the last position but his bike is damaged.
The second lap starts with Tulovic in the lead ahead of Zaccone, Granado, Torres, Okubo and Ferrari. Halfway through the lap, however, Zaccone attacks Tulovic and takes the lead. The German driver breaks down and is passed by four other drivers. At this point of the race, a front group formed by Zaccone, Granado and Torres is formed while behind them a second group is created with Okubo, Ferrari, Aldeguer, Casadei and Tulovic.

As he crossed the finish line on lap three, Granado took Zaccone's wake and overtook him at the braking point at Turn 1. Behind Ferrari he performed the same maneuver and passed Okubo. Granado takes advantage of the fight behind him between Zaccone and Torres to earn a few tenths. At the end of the fourth lap, on the main straight, Torres follows Zaccone and overtakes him, gaining second place. The Spaniard drives to the limit to recover the gap from Granado; behind him are Zaccone, Okubo and Ferrari.
In the fifth lap Tulovic and Aldeguer come into contact, with the second having to widen out of the curb and lose several positions. In the meantime, Granado maintains a few tenths of an advantage over Torres and Zaccone while behind them Casadei is author of another great comeback that leads him to fight for fifth position.

The last lap begins with Torres and Zaccone trying to close the gap with Granado who in turn pushes to the limit and keeps his pursuers at a distance. Halfway through the lap, Zaccone's attack on Torres crosses and responds to the Italian driver. Zaccone loses control of his for a moment Energica but he recovers quickly and gets closer to Torres at the entrance to the final chicane. Granado meanwhile passes first under the checkered flag followed by Torres and Zaccone, separated by a few cents. At the foot of the podium arrive Ferrari, Tulovic and Casadei.

POS. N. Nat. Rider Team Time Gap
1 51 Eric GRANADO One Energy Racing 12,10.143
2 40 Jordi TORRES Pons Racing 40 12,10.987 0,844
3 61 Alessandro ZACCONE OCTO Pramac MotoE 12,11.068 0,925
4 11 Matteo FERRARI Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE 12,11.661 1,518
5 3 Lukas TULOVIC Tech 3 E-racing 12,12.799 2,656
6 27 Mattia CASADEI Ongetta SIC58 Squadra Corse 12,12.835 2,692
7 54 Fermin ALDEGUER Openbank Aspar Team 12,12.885 2,742
8 78 Hikari OKUBO Avant Ajo MotoE 12,14.871 4,728
9 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ OCTO Pramac MotoE 12,14.858 4,715
10 71 Miquel PONS LCR E-Team 12,16.795 6,652
11 19 Corentin PEROLARI Tech 3 E-racing 12,16.979 6,836
12 18 Xavier CARDELUS Avintia Esponsorama Team 12,18.238 8,095
13 21 Kevin ZANNONI LCR E-Team 12,18.351 8,208
14 9 Andrea MANTOVANI Indonesian E-Racing Gresini MotoE 12,19.298 9,155
15 6 Maria HERRERA Openbank Aspar Team 12,20.413 10,270
16 80 Jasper IWEMA Pons Racing 40 12,33.370 23,227
17 14 Andre PIRES Avintia Esponsorama Team 12,39.492 29,349
18 77 Dominique AEGERTER Dynavolt Intact GP 13,00.252 50,109

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