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MotoE World Championship: 2024 teams and riders

The lineup of teams and riders of the MotoE 2024 is complete (photo: MotoGP)

All teams of the MotoE World Championship 2024 have officially announced their riders. Confirmed are both the 2023 champion, Mattia Casadei, who moved to the LCR E-Team alongside Eric Granado, and his main opponents last season: Jordi Torres, Matteo Ferrari and Hector Garzò. Here is the complete list.

The teams and riders of the 2024 MotoE World Championship – 2024 will be the sixth year of the MotoE championship and the second with the Ducati electric V21L. If, as far as the bike is concerned, there is no big news while waiting for the new model for the 2025-2026 two-year period, on the teams' and riders' front, there are several important changes. The first of all concerns the reigning world champion, Mattia Casadei, who announced the agreement with Lucio Cecchinello's LCR team. Casadei won the title with the PONS Racing team in 2023, the last year in the world championship for the Spanish team, which, in addition to the MotoE, also abandoned the Moto2 class. PONS Racing has been replaced by another Spanish team: MT Helmets – MSi, which in 2024 will, therefore, race in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoE.
MT Helmets – MSi, in the MotoE class, will take the name of Axxis-MSI, lining up Miquel Pons and Oscar Gutierrez. Miquel Pons is a Spanish rider with already three years of experience in MotoE and winner of the Catalan GP in 2021, while Oscar Gutierrez is almost a rookie in MotoE, having raced last year with the Ducati V21L on a couple of occasions, to replace the injured Luca Salvadori in the Pramac Racing team.
Returning to the LCR team, Cecchinello's team line-up will be the Casadei-Granado duo: the reigning world champion and the rider who has won the most races in MotoE.

Casadei, Torres and Ferrari, the three drivers on the podium MotoE 2023, they will also be at the start of the 2024 season
Casadei, Torres and Ferrari, the three riders of the 2023 MotoE podium, will be at the start of the 2024 season (photo: MotoGP)

The first team to announce its riders for 2024 was Gresini Racing, confirming both Matteo Ferrari and Alessio Finello. The Aspar team has renewed its trust in Jordi Torres, the champion of MotoE in 2020 and 2021 and runner-up in 2023. The other rider who raced with the PONS team in 2023 and who remained without a team is Nicholas Spinelli. The young Italian rider, winner of the last race of last season, had reached an agreement with the CryptoDATA RNF team before the latter was expelled from the world championship by the decision of the FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports. In a short time, Spinelli found a new agreement with the Tech3 team to continue his journey in MotoE. In Hervé Poncharal's team, Spinelli will team up with Alessandro Zaccone in his second consecutive season with the French team.
Aspar, in addition to Torres, announced the agreement with Kevin Zannoni, fresh from two podiums in the MotoE 2023 with Sic58 Squadra Corse. Zannoni takes the place vacated by Maria Herrera, who, for 2024, will race with a new-entry team in MotoE: Klint Forward Racing. Giovanni Cuzari's Swiss team took over the two Ducati V21L ex-RNF, thus doubling its presence in the world championship and lining up four riders, two in Moto2 and two in MotoE. Together with Maria Herrera, Andrea Mantovani, winner of two races last season, will be there in the Forward team. In addition to the bikes and Mantovani, Forward Racing took from the RNF team the technical director, Ramon Forcada, winner of four MotoGP titles, as Jorge Lorenzo's crew chief.

The MotoE of the Klint Forward Racing 2024 team
The MotoE of the Klint Forward Racing 2024 team

Among the teams that have already announced their 2024 riders, we also find Dynavolt Intact GP and Sic58 Squadra Corse. The first confirmed Hector Garzò, winner of his first MotoE race last year and fourth at the end of the championship, and announced Lukas Tulovic, returning to MotoE, where he had already raced in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The Sic58 team has confirmed Kevin Manfredi for 2024, in his third season in MotoE, while it has chosen as the team's second rider, Massimo Roccoli, a vastly experienced rider who has six Italian titles to his credit in the Supersport category and several seasons in WSSP.
In 2024, we will not see in MotoE the Pramac Racing team, but, in its place, we will find the Aruba Cloud MotoE Team on the starting grid. On the Ducati V21L of the Aruba Cloud MotoE team there will be Chaz Davies and Armando Pontone. The first, after finishing his Superbike adventure in 2021, joined the team Ducati ERC in the Endurance World Championship, while at the same time acting as coach for the Aruba riders in Superbike and Supersport, the latter is the winner of the Italian Champion title of the National Trophy SS600 in 2021.

These are the teams and riders of the MotoE World Championship 2024:
LCR E-Team: Mattia Casadei – Eric Granado
Felo Gresini MotoE rider: Matteo Ferrari – Alessio Finello
Openbank Aspar team: Jordi Torres – Kevin Zannoni
Tech3 E-Racing: Alessandro Zaccone – Nicholas Spinelli
Dynavolt Intact GP: Lukas Tulovic – Hector Garzò
Ongetta Sic58 Squadra Corse: Kevin Manfredi – Massimo Roccoli
Axxis – MSi: Miquel Pons – Oscar Gutierrez
Klint Forward Racing: Andrea Mantovani – Maria Herrera
Aruba Cloud MotoE: Chaz Davies – Armando Pontone

For all of them, the appointment on track is in Portimao, from 21 to 23 February, for the first official test of the 2024 season of the MotoE.

Photos: MotoGP e Ducati

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