MotoE - The six Italian riders of the Italian GP at Mugello

MotoE - The six Italian riders of the Italian GP at Mugello

MotoE - Six Italian riders will take part in the Italian GP at Mugello: Matteo Ferrari and Alessio Finello of the FELO Gresini Racing team, Kevin Zannoni of the Sic58 Squadra Corse, Kevin Manfredi of the OCTO Pramaco MotoE team, Niccolò Canepa of the WithU GRT RNF MotoE team and Mattia Casadei of Pons Racing 40.

For the first time in its history, the MotoE World Cup arrives at the Mugello circuit for the Italian Grand Prix. Prior to this date, the MotoE had already raced on an Italian circuit, at Misano, but it had never put the wheels on the asphalt of the Tuscan circuit. Six home riders will start in the two races of the Italian GP: Matteo Ferrari, Alessio Finello, Kevin Zannoni, Mattia Casadei, Niccolò Canepa and Kevin Manfredi. Let's see who they are and what results they have achieved so far in MotoE.

Matteo Ferrari at the fourth season in MotoE

Matteo Ferrari (FELO Gresini Racing MotoE)
Ferrari was the first winner of the MotoE World Cup in 2019. The Gresini team rider has participated in all editions of the electric series of the MotoE achieving five victories, all on the Misano circuit. Also at Misano, his home circuit, Ferrari took its only pole position in MotoE, in 2020. Ferrari arrives at Mugello fourth in the standings and with a podium achieved at Jerez in the Spanish GP.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers

Alessio Finello (FELO Gresini Racing MotoE)
Finello is a rookie in MotoE. The Gresini team rider has taken part in four races so far, achieving two points in the overall classification. The target of Finello this year is to arrive at the end of all the races to gain experience in MotoE and to improve race after race.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers
Mattia Casadei in his first season with the Pons Racing 40 team

Mattia Casadei (Pons Racing 40)
Mattia Casadei made his debut in MotoE in 2019 and rode for the first three editions of the championship with the Sic58 Squadra Corse team. This year Casadei joined the Sito Pons team with which he has already obtained a victory, a second and a third place in addition to the pole position in the French GP. Casadei did the best comeback in a MotoE race: in the 2021 French GP Casadei started fifteenth and finished in second position.
The Pons team rider arrives at Mugello third in the overall classification.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers

Kevin Zannoni (Sic58 Squadra Corse)
Kevin Zannoni made his debut in MotoE last year with the LCR E-Team, making a perfect growth path, up to the fourth position and the fastest race lap in the final round at Misano. This year Zannoni joined the Sic58 Squadra Corse team. After the unfortunate debut of the season in the Spanish GP, Zannoni conquered his front row on the grid in the French GP where he equaled his best race result with fourth position in Race 2. Zannoni arrives Mugello tenth in the overall standings.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers
Kevin Manfredi during the French GP of MotoE

Kevin Manfredi (OCTO Pramac MotoE)
Kevin Manfredi is making his debut in MotoE. The learning path of the Pramac team rider started immediately uphill, with a bad accident in the first pre-season test at Jerez. In the first two rounds of the MotoE, Manfredi managed to finish a race in the Top10.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers

Niccolò Canepa (WithU GRT RNF MotoE team)
This is the third season of Niccolò Canepa in MotoE after the first two seasons, in 2019 and 2020 with the LCR E-Team. After several fourth places, this year Canepa has finally achieved his first podium in MotoE, finishing third in the recent race at Le Mans.
Canepa arrives at Mugello seventh in the overall classification.

MotoE Italian GP Drivers

MotoE French GP: Okubo

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