Lucio Cecchinello: in our sport, safety must be at the top level

Lucio Cecchinello: in our sport, safety must be at the top level
Lucio Cecchinello with the 2021 LCR E-Team riders

In our recent interview with Lucio Cecchinello on the 2021 season of the MotoE, we could not miss the question on the epilogue of the championship: the incident between Aegerter and Torres on the last lap of the last race to decide the winner of the third edition of the MotoE. The response of the LCR Team Principal starts from that episode to address the issue of safety in the World Championship.

“For me, it was an extreme manoeuvre, and the intervention of the race direction was corrected. Not because of the advantage that resulted for our riders (Pons and Zannoni both gained a position due to the penalty to Aegerter, finishing third and fourth respectively), but because Aegerter exaggerated in that manoeuvre.
I think that race management must continue to give strong signals to all riders to keep riding within the boundaries of sportsmanship. It is a very narrow line, but we must keep the safety level of our sport very high, in MotoGP as in the other classes".

Aegerter and Torres in the Parc Fermé at the end of Race 2 of the San Marino GP

“In my career, I have never had so many minutes of silence as this year. We must reflect on it. We equalised the performances by standardising motorcycles: same tires, closed and limited engines, and electronic control units.
At the same time, the level of the riders has risen and standardized thanks to the better training and preparation path than in the past. This is for both Moto3 and Moto2. This means that the riders are very close, both in time and physically, on the track.
Furthermore, in the minor categories, these young riders do not consider the danger of the manoeuvres they make, and sometimes they cause severe accidents. It is therefore essential that the race direction gives very strong and clear signals. Returning to Aegerter, the penalty was also right because the MotoE is a very heavy bike and if it hits you, it can hurt you a lot. At the same weekend, there was the accident of Zaccone, who was hit by another bike and luckily he wasn't hurt too much, but it could have ended much worse”.

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