Technical Specs

Performance and technical specifications

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The MotoE is equipped with a permanent magnet electric motor (PMAC - Permanent Magnet AC Motor) oil cooled. The energy is provided by the lithium battery contained within a aluminum casing protecting it against impacts and rain. The casing of the battery, in addition to protecting it, has also the function of cooling, conveying the air through appropriate channels. The battery casing is also a supporting element of the steel tubes chassis.

Performance of the MotoE (Energica Ego Corsa)
Max speed: 270 km/h (limited)
Power: 120 kW
Torque: > 200 Nm
Acceleration (0-100km/h): 2.8 sec
Weight: 260 kg
Charging time (100%): 30 min

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Technical specifications of the Ego Corsa (MotoE)
Motor: synchronous PMAC permanent magnets with oil cooling; maximum revs 10300rpm
Battery: Lithium ion with capacity> 20kWh, voltage 380V
Charging connection: DC Mod. 4, type 2 according to the European standard
Cooling: air for the battery, the radiator is used to cool the inverter
Frame: steel tubes
Swing arm: aluminum casted
Fairing (CRP Technology): in Windform® composite material
Suspensions (Ohlins): S46PRC rear monoshock, FGRT front forks

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Front brakes (Brembo): T-drive discs in steel of 335mm diameter and 7,1mm thickness; aluminum monobloc calipers GP4-PR with 4 titanium pistons, sintered pads Z04 type
Rear brakes (Brembo): steel discs of 218mm
Front brake pump (Brembo): radial with 19mm diameter and 18mm wheelbase
Rims (Marchesini): 7 spokes aluminum forged
Tyres (Michelin): front 3,75 × 17 inches, rear 6 × 17 inches
Final transmission (Regina Chain): chain
Accelerator: ride-by-wire type
Dashboard (Cobo Group): liquid crystal