Interview with Mike Di Meglio at his second season in MotoE

Interview with Mike Di Meglio at his second season in MotoE
MIke Di Meglio on the podium at Le Mans

It ended with the final round of Le Mans the first season in MotoE by Mike Di Meglio.
The French rider of the EG0,0 Marc VDS team finished fourth in a comeback season in which he achieved two second places in his home GP. We asked him a few questions to know how this second year in the MotoGP electric class was.

1 - Mike, what is your evaluation of this season in MotoE?
“This season was good; it was quite hard in the first part of the season, but in the end, I’m happy because we improved race by race, and we closed fourth in the standings. In the beginning, we have got some difficulties to ride the bike with the new Michelin tyres. I needed to understand how to ride the bike, and we worked a lot with the team to find the base set-up for my riding. I also worked on my riding style to adapt it to the new behaviour of the bike. In Misano, we did a big step forward, and in Le Mans, we improved our performance, and we achieved two podiums."

MIke Di Meglio with the MotoE of the EG0,0 Marc VDS team

2 - What is your opinion about the news of the MotoE 2020?
“In 2020 we had some news compared to last year. We had a new rule for the grid of the second race of the same round (here the details of the new rule); I think the new rule is perfect because if you do not perform well in the Epole, you can try to gain some positions in the first race and have a better place on the grid of the second.
For the tyres, we had new material this year. Michelin supplied a front tyre with a new compound and a completely new rear tyre (here the details of the 2020 tyres). ). Regarding the rear tyre, I think this year it was safer because we had less high side, which is very important. It is more challenging to have good performance than last year, but from a durability and safety point of view, it is a better tyre.
We also had new internals of the front suspension (here the details of the suspensions); the feeling was much better, and it was also a good improvement in safety."

Mike Di Meglio during the AndaluciaGP

3 - What kind of work do you do with the team over a race weekend?
“First, I would say that we need to ride more with this bike because every year we have something new. Each track needs something different, and I need more time on the bike to improve the general feeling.
Over a race weekend, I work mainly on my riding style in the first free practice because it is important to do some good laps and get the right feeling with this bike. After that, we try to change a little the set-up of the bike but with small variations. Sometimes we try two different settings in the same practice. After that, we choose the setting, and we try not to touch it anymore; I prefer to concentrate on working on my riding style. For sure, we do not touch the setting before the Epole."

4 - What was your favorite race this year?
“I have two favorite races: the first is Misano 1, when we discovered how to improve in the speed, and the other is the round in Le Mans where I had a good feeling, good pace and good speed. The home race was very important because last year we started well, but we finished the season very badly. This year it is much better finishing in this way with two podiums at the home GP."

Mike Di Meglio on track in Jerez

5 - What are your plans for next year?
“I really hope to continue riding in this category; I like it, and I am very motivated. The relationship with the other people in the team is very positive, and there is great cooperation between all members. Now we have to look at the new calendar, and we will decide; I’ll be very happy to extend my contract with the Marc VDS team and to fight for the title."

Here you can see the final standings of the MotoE World Cup 2020.

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