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Dell'Orto ed Energica Motor Company together beyond the MotoE

Ego Corsa motorbikes of the MotoE World Cup

The races are mainly for this: to develop technology and make it available to everyone. An example is the cooperation between Dell'Orto ed Energica. The synergy was born for the FIM ENEL MotoE World Cup, for which Dell'Orto provides the data acquisition system for the Ego Corsa produced by Energica (here the details of the data acquisition system of the MotoE).
Now the collaboration expands to the creation and marketing of a new type of Power Unit for electric motorcycles in the 8 / 11kW segment and in that up to 30kW. The goal is to offer technologically advanced solutions to the major two-wheeler manufacturers.

The MotoE bike of the LCR E-Team

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Davide Dell'Orto (CTO Dell'Orto SpA) - "This challenge well represents the continuous will of Dell’Orto to innovate not only in its core sector of internal combustion engines, but also in the field of urban sustainable mobility that we consider to be one of the fastest growing sectors for the future electric traction"
Livia Cevolini (CEO Energica Motor Company SpA) - "Thanks to the know-how acquired and recognized internationally, Energica aims to start the development of this motorization, expanding our offer with a large volumes segment with high potential growth in the world. Our teams are already working on new solutions to meet the new market demands."

For further information, you can find the joint note of the two companies here (link).