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Claudio Domenicali on track with the Ducati MotoE at Mugello

Ducati MotoE track tests
Two prototypes of the MotoE of Ducati during the tests at Mugello (Photo: Ducati)

Claudio Domenicali: “When I tested the Ducati MotoE for the first time I felt like I was living an historical moment."

"When I tested the Ducati MotoE for the first time I felt like I was living an historical moment." That's the start of the Linkedin post by Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati, about his first time on track with the Ducati MotoE, the electric prototype that will participate in the MotoE World Cup starting in 2023.
"The entire world is going through a very challenging period. Environmental sustainability is an element that all companies and individuals must see as a priority if we really want to be serious about preserving the delicate balance of our planet. CO2 emissions have to be limited and in this context, electrical bikes and cars will be part of the solution, of course only when the electricity is generated through renewable sources."

Ducati MotoE the project team
The project team of MotoE led by Roberto Canè, Ducati eMobility Director (Photo: Ducati)

"Electrical vehicles are for sure the readiest technology but there are still some concerns about supercars and superbikes, for which low weight is absolutely a must. We as Ducati really wanted to get hands on with the future, therefore we accepted with determination the challenge of developing the most performing race e-motorcycle that current technology makes possible.
After a lot of thinking and talking, now the bike is ready and a few weeks ago it was my turn to try it on the Mugello track. The team was there for a planned test session to prepare the bike for the 2023 season, when the Ducati MotoE will be the official bike of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup. The garage was full of engineers and mechanics for a test with Alex De Angelis and Chaz Davis."

"Before taking to the track I got a safety training as the bike is still a prototype and runs at very high voltage, therefore there are very strict procedures to be followed.
Training done, charge completed, leather suit on: it is time to grab the handlebar for the first ride of my life on an electric superbike.
Sitting on it, I immediately recognized the high level of quality of the motorcycle. Every component, from the carbon fiber bodywork to the foot pegs and the dashboard is very well made with race-inspired design.
Ok, let's go. I push the right button, gently rotate the throttle and immediately I move along the familiar Mugello pit-lane, a quick look over my shoulder and it’s time to see what this revolutionary machine is capable of!"

"The bike offers a super smooth acceleration out of the corners, and the relationship between right wrist rotation and torque is very easy and linear. Braking is fantastic and handling on the chicane is better than I expected.
The Ducati MotoE has been made as light as possible considering the currently available technologies. Even though the weight compared to the Panigale is higher and the rider has to anticipate the change of direction sooner, the reactions and responses are still impressively easy and smooth.
I only did two runs of 6/7 laps each, but when I got back to the garage I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for the whole Ducati MotoE team. Well done, guys!"

The galley of the Ducati MotoE

Photo and video: Ducati

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