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Casadei wins the MotoE title in the San Marino GP at Misano

Mattia Casadei is the champion of MotoE 2023 after the victory in Race 1 of the MotoE 2023 in the San Marino GP in Misano
Mattia Casadei is the 2023 MotoE Champion after the victory in Race 1 in the San Marino GP in Misano (Photo: MotoGP)

In the San Marino GP of the MotoE in Misano, Mattia Casadei takes the victory in Race 1 and becomes the new MotoE World Champion. The HP Pons Los40 team rider precedes Hector Garzò and Nicholas Spinelli at the finish line.

Race 1 of the MotoE of the San Marino GP in Misano – In the last round of the 2023 MotoE season, at the Marco Simoncelli Circuit in Misano, Mattia Casadei (HP Pons Los 40) wins race 1 and mathematically becomes the MotoE World Champion.
Casadei won the race ahead of Hector Garzò (Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE) and teammate Nicholas Spinelli.
At the start of race 1 only three riders were elegible for the MotoGP electric class title: Casadei, Jordi Torres (Openbank Aspar Team) and Matteo Ferrari (Felo Gresini MotoE). However, Casadei had a consistent lead of 21 points over the Spaniard and 22 over the Italian rider. Ferrari compromised its chances of winning the title yesterday when it was stripped of pole position due to irregular tire pressure. The rider of the Gresini team thus started from tenth position on the grid and finished the race in sixth place.
Torres, however, had to say goodbye to his hopes of fighting for the title at the start of the race, when he made a dramatic jump start, sanctioned with two long lap penalties.

MotoE World Championship
The standings of the 2023 championship

Casadei's race for the title was downhill but this was not the case for the victory in race 1. In the first laps Casadei had to fight with Torres before the Spaniard served the first of two long lap penalties. In the second part of the race, the new world champion had to fight lap after lap against Hector Garzò, author of the fastest lap of the race. The Dynavolt Intact GP team rider attempted in several ways to take the lead but Casadei resisted, taking the victory by 21 thousandths.
Although Casadei would have been champion even by finishing second, the rider did not want to miss the opportunity to become world champion by winning the race on his home circuit of Misano.
Crashed during the race, without consequences: Rabat, Mantovani, Granado, Pons and Migno.
Before the definitive end of the 2023 MotoE season, race 2 start at 16:10.

Hector Garzò, second in Race 1 of the MotoE in Misano
Hector Garzò, second in Race 1 of the MotoE in Misano (photo: MotoGP)

This is the finishing order of Race 1 of the San Marino GP of MotoE

POS. N. Nat. Rider Team Time Gap
1 40 flags_of_Italy.gif Mattia CASADEI Pons Racing 40 13'35.506
2 4 flags_of_Spain.gif Hector GARZO Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE 13'35.527 0,021
3 29 flags_of_Italy.gif Nicholas SPINELLI Pons Racing 40 13'35.747 0,241
4 34 flags_of_Italy.gif Kevin MANFREDI Ongetta Sic58 Squadra Corse 13'36.322 0,816
5 21 flags_of_Italy.gif Kevin ZANNONI Ongetta Sic58 Squadra Corse 13'36.404 0,898
6 11 flags_of_Italy.gif Matteo FERRARI FELO Gresini MotoE 13'36.591 1,085
7 61 flags_of_Italy.gif Alessandro ZACCONE TECH3 E-Racing 13'41.068 5,562
8 3 flags_of_Switzerland.gif Randy KRUMMENACHER Dynavolt Intact GP MotoE 13'42.912 7,406
9 78 flags_of_Japan.gif Hikari OKUBO TECH3 E-Racing 13'44.807 9,301
10 81 flags_of_Spain.gif Jordi TORRES Openbank Aspar Team 13'44.875 9,369
11 8 flags_of_Spain.gif Mika PEREZ RNF MotoE Team 13'45.898 10,392
12 72 flags_of_Italy.gif Alessio FINELLO FELO Gresini MotoE 13'50.360 14,854
13 6 flags_of_Spain.gif Maria HERRERA Openbank Aspar Team 13'52.086 16,580
14 51 flags_of_Brazil.gif Eric GRANADO LCR E-Team 14'16.636 41,130
15 77 flags_of_Spain.gif Miquel PONS LCR E-Team 14'49.741 74,235
16 9 flags_of_Italy.gif Andrea MANTOVANI RNF MotoE Team 13'41.413 0,000
17 16 flags_of_Italy.gif Andrea MIGNO Prettl Pramac MotoE nc 0,000
18 53 flags_of_Spain.gif Tito RABAT Prettl Pramac MotoE nc 0,000

Photos: MotoGP

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